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Archaeographical Committee

ARCHAEOGRAPHICAL COMMITTEE, a scientific institution established under the Ministry of Public Education in 1834 to publish materials collected by the Archaeographical Expedition of the Academy of Sciences in 1829-32 with historian and archaeographer

Archaeological Committee

ARCHAEOLOGICAL COMMITTEE, an organisation and research centre of archaeology in Russia. It was founded in St. Petersburg in 1859 under the Ministry of the Imperial Court and Apanages, meetings were held in the Winter Palace

Assembly of Economists

ASSEMBLY OF ECONOMISTS, society and club founded in 1891 to discuss the economic life of Russia. It mainly united scientists and practical economists that were loyal to the government. Among its active members were A. P. Subbotin, D. N. Borodin, A

Education League

EDUCATION LEAGUE, All-Russian public teaching organisation. It was founded in St. Petersburg in 1906, its charter approved in 1907, on the initiative of members of literacy committees closed by the government for united and coordinated activities of

Free Economic Society

FREE ECONOMIC SOCIETY, the Imperial Free Economic Society for the Encouragement of Farming and Housebuilding in Russia, the oldest Russian scientific society. It was founded in 1765 by large landowners striving for higher agricultural efficiency;

Gorky House of Scientists, a creative club

GORKY HOUSE OF SCIENTISTS of the Russian Academy of Sciences, situated at 26 Dvortsovaya Embankment, an academic club for the intelligentsia. It was founded on the initiative of M

Historical Societies (entry)

HISTORICAL SOCIETIES, associations of historians, including both professionals and amateurs, aimed at studying and developing various historical issues. Most historical societies received imperial support during the 19th and early 20th centuries

Historical Society of St. Petersburg University

HISTORICAL SOCIETY of St. Petersburg University founded in 1889 on the initiative of Professor N. I. Kareev, who became its permanent chairman. The society had its meetings at the Faculty of History and Philology

Jewish Historical and Ethnographic Society

JEWISH HISTORICAL AND ETHNOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, a scientific society for studying the history and ethnography of Russian Jews. It was founded in 1908 on the initiative of historian S. M

Law Society

LAW SOCIETY of Petersburg University, scientific society. Founded in 1877 to study issues of law and legal procedure, it initially had two departments, civil and criminal

Literacy Committee

LITERACY COMMITTEE, St. Petersburg, founded in 1861 on the initiative of S. S. Lashkarev as a part of the Free Economic Society in order to contribute to encourage an increase in education

Literacy Society

LITERACY SOCIETY of St. Petersburg, created in 1896 on the basis of the dissolved Literacy Committee. The Society functioned under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Public Education

Mineralogical Society

MINERALOGICAL SOCIETY, fully named the All-Russian Mineralogical Society, situated at 2 Twenty-First Line of Vasilievsky Island, one of the oldest mineralogical societies in the world

Old Petersburg, Society

OLD PETERSBURG, history research society, founded in 1921 by the members of the Pavlovsk Study Seminar. Its Board (chaired by architect L.A. Ilyin) consisted of Alexander N. Benois, P.P. Veyner, V.P. Zubov (headmaster of Art History institute), V.Y

Pushkin Society

PUSHKIN SOCIETY based on the Society of Friends of the State Museum and Reserve Pushkin Corner in 1931 in order to study and popularise Russian classical literature of the 19th century, especially Alexander Pushkin's works

Religious and Philosophical Assemblies

RELIGIOUS AND PHILOSOPHICAL ASSEMBLIES, held from November 1901 to April 1903 in the hall of the Russian Geographical Society at 2 Chernysheva Square (today, Lomonosova Square). They were started on the initiative of D. S. Merezhkovsky, Z. N

Religious Philosophical Seminar

RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHICAL SEMINAR was an informal union of Leningrad creative intelligentsia who were interested in the study of religion and Russian religious philosophy. The seminar was first held in 1974, its organizer and head was philosopher T.M

Russian Botanical Society of the Russian Academy of Sciences

RUSSIAN BOTANICAL SOCIETY of the Russian Academy of Sciences, situated at 2 Professora Popova Street. It was founded in Petrograd in December 1915 at a congress of representatives of botanical institutions from various Russian cities

Russian Entomological Society

RUSSIAN ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY, situated at 1 Universitetskaya Embankment. It was founded in 1859 by members of the Zoological Museum and St. Petersburg's amateur entomologists

Russian Genealogical Society

RUSSIAN GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY, founded in 1897 on the initiative of Prince A. B. Lobanov-Rostovsky in order to study the history of noble families, as well as conduct research in heraldry, ancient institutions and their legal documents

Russian Geographical Society

RUSSIAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, situated at 10 Grivtsova Lane. It was founded in 1845 on the initiative of Admiral F. P. Litke, Member of the Academy K. M. Ber, Admiral Baron F. P. Wrangel, and a number of other scientists

Russian Historical Society

RUSSIAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY, fully named the Imperial Russian Historical Society, a scientific society founded in 1866 for collecting, processing, and publishing documents on the history of Russia from government and private archives

Russian Military Historical Society

RUSSIAN MILITARY HISTORICAL SOCIETY fully named the Imperial Russian Military Historical Society, a military science society founded in 1907 for studying the military history of Russia

Russian Physics and Chemistry Society

RUSSIAN PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY SOCIETY (RFKhO) is one of the oldest scientific societies in Russia. The society was established in 1878 through the union of the Russian Chemical Society (established in 1868) and the Russian Physics Society

Russian Technical Society

RUSSIAN TECHNICAL SOCIETY, the leading scientific and technical society of Russia founded in St. Petersburg in 1866 in order to contribute to the development of domestic technology and industry

Scientific Society of Historians and Archivists

SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY OF HISTORIANS AND ARCHIVISTS, St. Petersburg, situated at 4 Angliiskaya Embankment. Founded in 1995, the society is included in the Russian Society of Historians and Archive Keepers as a regional organisation. President L. E

Scientific Society of Marxists

SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY OF MARXISTS, founded in 1919 by a group of professors and teachers of the Workers' Faculty of Petrograd University including E. A. Engel, M. A. Silvin, N. A. Rozhkov, and M. V

Slavonic Society, Petersburg

SLAVONIC CHARITABLE SOCIETY OF St. Petersburg, originates from the Moscow Slavonic Charitable Committee, established in 1858 by the circle of Slavophiles headed by M.P

Society of Military Enthusiasts

SOCIETY OF MILITARY ENTHUSIASTS, a military science society. It was founded in 1898 on the basis of a military science circle established in Petersburg Garrison in the late 1896 by a group of officers with Major General E. M. Bibikov at the head

Society of Naturalists

SOCIETY OF NATURALISTS, St. Petersburg, situated at 9/7 Universitetskaya Embankment, founded under the auspices of Petersburg University in 1868 in order to contribute to the development of science and spread of scientific knowledge and to explore

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