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Balyberdin V.S., (1949-1994), mountaineer

BALYBERDIN VLADIMIR SERGEEVICH (1949-1994), mountaineer, Merited Master of Sports of the USSR (1982). He was the first Russian mountaineer to climb Mount Everest (3-9.5.1982), a К-2 peak (Pakistan)

Belov A.A., (1951-1978), basketball-player

BELOV ALEXANDR ALEXANDROVICH (1951, Leningrad 1978, ibid.), Merited Master Of Sports of the USSR (basketball). In 1967-78 Belov played for Spartak Leningrad. He was an Olympic champion (1972)

Botvinik M.M. (1911-1995), chess-player

BOTVINIK Mikhail Moiseevich (1911, Kuokkala - 1995), chess-player, International Grand Master (1950). He graduated from Leningrad Polytechnic College (1932). Botvinik won the world champion title five times (1948, 1951, 1954, 1958 and 1961)

Butusov Brothers, football players

BUTUSOV BROTHERS, football players. Vasily Pavlovich Butusov (1892-1971), started playing football in 1906 for the team of the 2nd Real School; in 1911-1922 played for UNITAS club; he was the centre forward (voted the nation's best before 1917)

Chigorin M.I., (1850-1908), chess-player

CHIGORIN MIKHAIL IVANOVICH (1850, Gatchina - 1908), the founder of the Russian chess school. In 1859-68 was brought up in Gatchina Orphan Boarding School of Emperor Nicholas I (today, 25 Oktyabrya avenue, No. 2; memorial plaque)

Dementyev Brothers, football players

DEMENTYEV BROTHERS, football players. Peter Timofeevich Dementyev (nicknamed Peka) (1913, St. Petersburg - 1998), Merited Master of Sports (1946), right midfielder

Kondrashin V.P. (1929-1999), coach

KONDRASHIN Vladimir Petrovich (1929, Leningrad, 1999, St. Petersburg), Merited Coach of the USSR (basketball). In 1967-95 head coach of Spartak team (Leningrad), in 1970-76 senior coach of the USSR national team

Nabutov V. S.(1917-73), sports commentator

NABUTOV Viktor Sergeevich (1917-1973), sportsman, radio and television commentator, master of sports (1934). In 1947 he graduated from the Leningrad Electro-Technical Institute however from 1936 he was already playing for the Dinamo football team as

Panin-Kolomenkin N.A. (1871-1956), sportsman

PANIN-KOLOMENKIN (real name Kolomenkin) Nikolay Alexandrovich (1871-1956, Leningrad), athlete, coach, Merited Master of Sports (1940). He lived in St. Petersburg since 1885. He graduated from Department of Mathematics and Mechanics of St

Sokov V.A., (1912-1944), draught-player

SOKOV VASILY ALEXANDROVICH (1912-44), draught-player, Russian draught master (1934), Leningrad champion (earned first of many titles in 1932), USSR champion (1938-41). Sokov lived in Leningrad since 1925

Troitsky A.A., (1866-1942), chess-player

TROITSKY ALEXEY ALEXEEVICH (1866, St. Petersburg, 1942, Leningrad) is inventor of chess exercises, honoured art worker (1928). He graduated from Forestry Institute (1897)