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Volkovka, river

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VOLKOVKA, a river, formerly the left tributary to the Neva River. It assumed its name in 1887 after the village of Volkovo (see Volkova Village; formerly known as Chernaya Rechka). After Obvodny Canal was built, some part of the channel of the Volkovka was called the Monastyrka River. The river source is near Pulkovo Heights and flows into Obvodny Canal three kilometres below the head of the latter. The river is about 25 kilometres long, with the width varying from 7 metres to 20 metres in the lower course and the depth reaching one metre. The average flow rate of water reaches 0.5 m3 per second. The river is polluted with industrial waste. When the district of Kupchino was built up, part of the channel between Salova Street and Kupchino Metro Station was turned into a canal (see Volkovsky Canal). The lower course of the river south of Rasstanny Lane accommodates the Volkovsky cemeteries. A number of bridges cross the river: they are Almazny Bridge, the First Volkovsky Bridge, the Second Volkovsky Bridge, the Third Volkovsky Bridge, Kasimovsky Bridge, Graapovsky Bridge, Staroobryadchesky Bridge and Novo-Kirpichny Bridge. The name of Volkovsky Canal originates from the appellation of the river.

Y. P. Seliverstov.

Salova St./Saint Petersburg, city Волкова деревня
Volkovka River/Saint Petersburg, city
Волкова деревня

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