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Ataman Life Guards Regiment

ATAMAN LIFE GUARDS REGIMENT (from 1878 – of His Highness the Crown Prince (tsesarevich), formed in 1775 numbering 500 servicemen as the Ataman Regiment of the Don Army, in 1803 reorganised as a 1000-men formation

Cavalier Guards Regiment

CAVALIER GUARDS REGIMENT, Guards Cuirassier Regiment, formed in St. Petersburg on 11 January 1800 from the Cavalier Guards Corps, which existed intermittently from 1724 through 1797

Cavalry Life Guards Regiment

CAVALRY LIFE GUARDS REGIMENT, cavalry guard regiment, formed in 1730 as Cavalry Guards out of the Kronschlott Dragoon Regiment, whose history dates back to 1706. From the 1780s, known as Cavalry Life Guards Regiment

Chasseur Life Guards Regiment

CHASSEUR LIFE GUARDS REGIMENT, infantry guards regiment. Formed in 1796 as a battalion, in 1806 deployed into a regiment. Participated in the Napoleonic Wars of 1805, 1806-07, 1812-14, wars with Turkey 1828-29, 1877-78

Combined Infantry of His Imperial Majesty’s Own Regiment

COMBINED INFANTRY OF HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY’S OWN REGIMENT, originates to the combined company, which guarded emperor Alexander II during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78. In March 1881 in St

Cossack Life Guards Regiment

COSSACK LIFE GUARDS REGIMENT, regiment of guards cavalry, recruited from the Don Cossacks. Formed in 1795 out of the Don and Chuguev Court Cossack Companies (set up in 1775) and the Gatchina Cossack Regiment (set up in 1793) as the Hussar Cossack

Cuirassier Life Guards His Majesty’s Regiment

CUIRASSIER LIFE GUARDS HIS MAJESTY’S REGIMENT, Cavalry Guards Regiment, raised in 1702 as the Dragoon Prince Grigory Volkonsky’s Regiment, from 1708 Yaroslavsky Dragoon Regiment

Dragoon Life Guards Regiment

DRAGOON LIFE GUARDS REGIMENT, Cavalry Guards Regiment, raised on 3.4.1814 in Versailles near Paris as a Horse Chasseur Regiment, on 30 April 1814 was designated the Horse Chasseur Life Guards Regiment and was granted the privileges of the New Guards

Finlyandsky Life Guards Regiment

FINLYANDSKY LIFE-GUARDS REGIMENT, was raised in December 1806 in Strelna and Peterhof as the Imperial Militia Battalion (recruited from state and court serfs, predominantly of the Finnish origin, hence the name). On 22.1


GARRISON of St.Petersburg, troops, stationed in St. Petersburg, under the joint command and assigned with functions of protecting and defending the city. The term garrison also implies a military administrative structure


GENDARMERIE, 1) military police, which secured the rear of the standing army, aiming to prevent marauding and desertion. Gendarmerie was founded by M. B. Barclay de Tolly in 1815

Grenadiers Life Guards Regiment

GRENADIERS LIFE GUARDS REGIMENT, Guards Infantry Regiment, formed in 1756, from 1775 – Life Grenadier Regiment, in 1813 designated Grenadiers Life Guards Regiment and assigned to the New Guards, in 1831 -assigned to the Old Guards


GUARDS, life guards, elite, privileged military unit. The Russian Guards were established by Peter I in 1700, when the Preobrazhensky and Semenovsky regiments gained the title of life guards

Guards Artillery

GUARDS ARTILLERY, general name for artillery units and formations, consisting of the Guards. The Life Guards of the 1st, 2nd and Horse Artillery Brigades (each of which including 6 batteries with 6-8 pieces in each one)

Guards Company

GUARDS COMPANY, guards infantry sub-division, raised in 1810 from the ranks of the Court Rover and Yacht Crew. Participated in the wars with France 1812-14, Russo-Turkish wars of 1828-29 and 1877-78, in suppressing the Polish uprising of 1830-31

Guards Rifle Brigade

GUARDS RIFLE BRIGADE, Guards infantry formation. Consisted of four rifle battalions (from 1911 - regiments). Was quartered in Tsarskoe Selo (Tsars' Village). His Majesty's 1st and 2nd Tsarskoselsky battalions were formed in 1856

Her Majesty’s Cuirassier Life Guards Regiment

HER MAJESTY’S CUIRASSIER LIFE GUARDS REGIMENT a cavalry guards regiment, raised in 1704 as the Dragoon Regiment of Portes, from 1708 was known under the name of Nevsky Dragoon Regiment, from 1733 known as the Life Cuirassier Regiment

His Imperial Majesty's Escort

ESCORT, His Imperial Majesty's Personal Escort, a special guards unit, officially known as the Emperor's Personal Guard. The Escort was established in 1811 as a combined Cossack-Caucasian hundred

Horse Grenadier Life Guards Regiment

HORSE GRENADIER LIFE GUARDS REGIMENT, Cavalry Guards Regiment, its history dates back to the Odessa Hussar Regiment, raised in May 1803, which was the basis for the Uhlan Tsesarevich’s Regiment formed the same year

Hussar Life Guards Regiment

HUSSAR LIFE GUARDS REGIMENT (from 1855 His Majesty’s Regiment), its history dates back to the Life Hussar Squadron, formed in 1775, which in 1796 was incorporated into the Cossack Life Hussar Regiment

Izmaylovsky Life Guards Regiment

IZMAYLOVSKY LIFE GUARDS REGIMENT, third in seniority (after Preobrazhensky and Semenovsky) of infantry regiments in the Russian guards. Formed by a decree of Empress Anna Ioannovna in 1730 in Moscow

Krasnoselsky Camp

KRASNOSELSKY CAMP, military field camp, where annually from May 1 to August 2-4, the Guards, Military Academic Schools and other units, encamped for field training and manoeuvres

Life Company

LIFE COMPANY, a separate extra-privileged guard unit. Ordered by Empress Elizaveta Petrovna in 1741, formed of the Grenadier Company of the Preobrazhensky Life Guard Regiment. The company assisted her seizure of the throne on 25 November 1741

Moscow Life Guards Regiment

MOSCOW LIFE GUARDS REGIMENT, infantry guards regiment, formed in 1811 out of the 1st Life Guards Battalion of Preobrazhensky Regiment as the Life-Guards Litovsky (Lithuanian) Regiment, in 1817 named the Moscow (Moskovsky) Life-guards Regiment

Nobility Regiment

NOBILITY REGIMENT, higher military academic establishment. Founded in 1804 as a Volunteers Corp of the 2nd Cadet Corps for accelerated training of officers from the indigent nobility over 16 years old

Palace Grenadiers Company

PALACE GRENADIERS COMPANY, a special honour military unit, under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Imperial Court. The company was formed in 1827 and staffed with enlisted guards who had distinguished themselves in the course of the Patriotic

Pavlovsky Life Guards Regiment

PAVLOVSKY LIFE GUARDS REGIMENT, infantry guards regiment. Raised in 1790 from separate grenadier companies like the Pavlovsky Grenadier Regiment. Participated in the wars with France (1799, 1805, 1806-07, 1812-14); Turkey (1828-29

People's Militia of St. Petersburg (1805, 1812, 1854-55)

PEOPLE'S MILITIA (VOLUNTEER CORPS) OF ST. PETERSBURG, recruited from city residents, state peasants and serfs of St. Petersburg and the neighbouring governorates at the times of large-scale wars for reinforcing the regular army

Preobrazhensky Life Guards Regiment

PREOBRAZHENSKY LIFE GUARDS REGIMENT, the oldest infantry guards regiment. Founded by Peter I in 1683 in the village of Preobrazhenskoe by Moscow (hence the name), raised to a regiment in 1692, received the title of guards in 1700

Sapper Life Guards Battalion

SAPPER LIFE GUARDS BATTALION, engineer guards sub-division, formed in 1812 of officers and low ranks of engineer troops, excelled in the Patriotic War of 1812. Participated in the wars with France in 1813-14

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