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GENDARMERIE, 1) military police, which secured the rear of the standing army, aiming to prevent marauding and desertion. Gendarmerie was founded by M. B. Barclay de Tolly in 1815. In 1817 deployed in the Life Guards Gendarme Squadron (barracks at the corner of what is currently Marata Street and Zvenigorodskaya Street). 2) General name for militarized formations within the system of state security organs in pre-revolution Russia. In 1817 provincial gendarme divisions were formed within the Corps of Internal Guards. In 1826 they were incorporated into the Gendarmes Corps (from 1836 separate headquarters at 16 Fontanka River Embankment, from 1869 - 40 Furshtatskaya Street), divided into 5-8 territorial districts. Under the 3rd Department of His Imperial Majesty's own Chancellery, Gendarmerie carried out secret surveillance of socially dangerous individuals and controlled state administration bodies. In 1867-71 the Gendarmerie was reformed, districts were replaced with provincial departments (in St.Petersburg at 8/15 Ochakovskaya Street), the entire Gendarmerie was subordinated to the Interior Ministry and turned into an investigative organ for political cases. 3) Railway and train station police in pre-revolutionary Russia. Established in 1867, St.Petersburg Railway Gendarme Police Department was located at 5 6th Rozhdestvenskaya Street (pres. 6th Sovetskaya Street). All Gendarmerie bodies were abolished in the beginning of 1917 by a decree of the Provisional Government.

Reference: Ленская Н. П. Из истории "дома у Цепного моста" // Освободительное движение в России. Саратов, 1989. Вып. 13. С. 124-138; Троцкий И. М. III-е отделение при Николае I. Л., 1990.

G. V. Kalashnikov.

6th Sovetskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 5
Fontanka River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 16
Furshtatskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 40
Marata St./Saint Petersburg, city
Ochakovskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 8/15
Zvenigorodskaya Street/Saint Petersburg, city

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POLICE was created in St. Petersburg at the beginning of the 18th century; it was engaged in all the spheres of city life: construction, fire safety, city finances, public institutions, concert and theatre activities, etc

Security Department

SECURITY DEPARTMENT ("Security" in everyday language), the organ of police responsible for political search. It was created in 1866 as "The Department of Peace and Order in the Country" under the auspices of the Governor of St

Third Division

THIRD DIVISION of His Majesty's Own office, the supreme state establishment that performed political surveillance and investigation in the country. The office was established on July 3