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Ekaterinhofka, river

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EKATERINHOFKA, a river in the west of St. Petersburg. Originally called Chernaya Rechka, while its present name refers to the Ekaterinhof Palace. The river is a lateral channel of the Bolshaya Neva River: starting from the mouth of the latter and running south, the Ekaterinhofka flows into the Neva Bay near the Forest Harbour. It separates Gutuevsky Island and Gladky Island from the mainland. The river is 3.6 kilometres long and 90-280 metres wide, with the depth of the navigatable channel ranging from 4 to 5 metres. The average flow rate above Obvodny Canal is 15 m3 per second, while below Obvodny Canal is reaches 30 m3 per second. Obvodny Canal, the Olkhovka and Tarakanovka rivers flow into the Ekaterinhofka on the left, by Ekaterinhof Park, which was laid out on reclaimed land. Bumazhny Canal flows from the Ekaterinhofka to the left. Maly Rezvy Island, 300 metres long, is situated on the Ekaterinhofka, in the area between Bumazhny Canal and the Tarakanovka. The Ekaterinhofka is navigable. The water is heavily polluted with industrial waste. Ekaterinhofsky Bridge (in alignment with Rizhsky Avenue) and Gutuevsky Bridge (in the alighment with Obvodny Canal Embankment and Dvinskaya Street) were constructed across the river.

Y. P. Seliverstov.

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