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Malaya Neva

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MALAYA NEVA, the second largest (after Bolshaya Neva) branch of the Neva river delta. The Malaya Neva separates from the Neva near the Spit of Vasilievsky Island and flows into the Neva Bay between Dekabristov Island and Petrovsky Island, thus converging with the Malaya Nevka. The river is 4.3 kilometres long and 200-375 metres wide, with the depth coming up to 3-7 metres. The average flow rate beside Tuchkov Bridge totals 475 m3 per second. The average stream velocity equals 0.4-0.6 metres per second. The Zhdanovka River, which separates Petrogradsky Island and Petrovsky Island, runs to the right from the Malaya Neva past Tuchkov Bridge, while the Smolenka River, separating Vasilievsky Island and Dekabristov Island, flows to the left off the Malaya Neva. The Malay Nevka is crossed with two draw-bridges, Birzhevoy Bridge and Tuchkov Bridge. The left bank of the river, located on Vasilievsky Island, accommodates Makarova Embankment, whereas Dekabristov Island comprises buildings of industrial enterprises (M.I. Kalinin Factory, Baltyskaya Bumaga Factory (Baltic Paper), Severnaya Manufaktura Factory (Northern Textile Mill) etc. The middle course of the Malaya Neva locates Serny Island, linked with Dekabristov Island by a bridge. The right bank of the river, between the bridges, comprises the territory of the State Institute of Applied Chemistry, Yubileyny Sports Palace and a series of buildings of the former Tuchkov Buyan warehouses. The banks of Petrovsky Island are occupied with sports facilities and industrial enterprises. Here Petrovsky Stadium, a park bearing the same name and the Guest Harbour of the Central Yacht Club are situated. There is also S.M. Kirov Stadium located in the right outlet to the Neva Bay on Krestovsky Island. The Malaya Neva is navigable.

Y. P. Seliverstov.

Kalinin Mikhail Ivanovich
Kirov (real name Kostrikov) Sergey Mironovich

Makarova Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city

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