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Glukhoe Lake

Categories / City Topography/Waterways and Currents/Lakes, Ponds

GLUKHOYE LAKE, 1) located between Navalochnaya and Farforovskaya railway stations of the Moscow Line of Oktyabrskaya Railroad. Originally, Glukhoye Lake was 0.8 km long and wide. In 1840s, the railroad embankment laid across the lake divided it into two parts. In 1960-70s, its eastern part was filled up (today, there is the wholesale market Alexandria). The western part survived in the end of Bolshoy Smolensky Avenue (bordered with Staroputilovsky Val Street). The lake's water is polluted. 2) Existed to the south of the Obvodny Canal between the present-day Glukhoozerskoye Highway and Khrustalnaya Street, approximately along Kachalova and Fayansovaya Streets. Originally, it was named Volkovskkoye Lake (after Volkovo Village located 3 km to the west of the lake, see Volkovo Village). Glukhoye Lake (about 1.4 km long and up to 300 meters wide) was shallow with marshy banks, it quickly grew over and tuned into a swamp. In the middle of the 19th century it was turned into a city dump. In 1874-82, the lake was filled up. Its name preserved in Glukhoozersky Highway.

Y. P. Seliverstov.

Bolshoy Smolensky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Fayansovaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Glukhoozerskoe Freeway/Saint Petersburg, city
Khrustalnaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Professora Kachalova St./Saint Petersburg, city
Staroputilovsky Val/Saint Petersburg, city