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Entries / Yuntolovskaya Forest Dacha

Yuntolovskaya Forest Dacha

Categories / City Topography/Green Areas/Forest Parks

YUNTOLOVSKAYA FOREST DACHA is a reserve in Primorsky District of St. Petersburg with the total area of approximately 2,000 hectares. It is bordered by the Yuntolovka River and the Kamenka River flowing into the Lake Lakhtinsky Razliv and the fields near the village Kamenka to the north of the Lake Lakhtinsky Razliv. The villages Lakhta and Olgino are located to the west of the reserve. City blocks approach Yuntolovskaya Forest Dacha to the east. The first project of the reserve was developed in 1918-19 by academy member I. P. Borodin and professors V. L. Komarov, V. L. Bianki et al. but it was never executed. In the 1960s, reclamation was carried out and the construction of a new residential area was started in the coastal zone of Yuntolovskaya Forest Dacha as part of the General Plan of Development of Leningrad. As a result Krestovskaya and Sobakina shoals and other coastal wetlands were obliterated. Nesting-places for waterfowls were the first to disappear. Some of the features of the landscape typical for the coastal region have survived in the region of Yuntolovskaya Forest Dacha. Some plants (for instance, marsh gale) and also 13 bird species (tundra swan etc.), which are registered on Russia's Endangered Species List had survived.

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