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Northern Shipyard Plant

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NORTHERN SHIPYARD PLANT (6 Korabelnaya Street) is an open joint-stock company, a large hi-tech factory building military ships, commercial ships, and complex nautical equipment. The plant began as Putilov Shipyard separated in 1912 from Putilov Factory. Within the program of reinforcement of the Russian Navy, the Plant made cruisers, torpedo boats, and trawlers. Starting during the years of WWI in 1914-18 the Plant dealt with repairs of ships and vessels and re-equipping of steamers, making of ammunition and landing half-pontoons and other products. In 1918-22, the shipyard worked with interruptions and was mainly engaged in repair of ships. In 1922 Putilov Shipyard was renamed Northern Shipyard (in 1935-89 it was known as Zhdanov Ship Building Plant). Passenger and cargo boats were built here in the 1920-30s, including dry cargo ships, timber ships, tankers, and refrigerator ships, the company also produced equipment for different branches of industry, agricultural machinery and construction machinery, building constructions, including the draw span of the Volodarsky Bridge. In the 1930s, the shipyard built destroyers and security ships. In the years of the Great Patriotic war of 1941-45, the plant was just 3 kilometres away from the front line. The plant made barges for the Ladoga military flotilla, produced gun carriages and dashboard for cannons, artillery plates and platforms, pontoons, flat-bottom boats and shells, and repaired ships. After the war the plant built sea and river cargo boats, passenger and trade ships, and also destroyers, large anti-submarine ships, and missile cruisers. In 1992, the factory was turned into a joint-stock company. Today Northern Shipyard builds ships for the Russian Navy and fleets of foreign countries, as well as ships built on commission of Russian and foreign companies specialising in sea shipping and trade.

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V. S. Solomko.

Zhdanov Andrey Alexandrovich

Korabelnaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 6

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