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Entries / Davidov А.А. (1867-1942), entrepreneur

Davidov А.А. (1867-1942), entrepreneur

Categories / Economy/Personalia

DAVIDOV Alexey Avgustovich (1867-1940), banker and manufacturer, Actual Civil Counsellor (1913). Graduating from St. Petersburg University with a major in mathematics and physics in 1891 and from St. Petersburg Conservatory, where he majored in cello performance and composition, he served in the Special Credit Chancellery of the Ministry of Finance and worked in St. Petersburg International Bank and St. Petersburg Private Commercial Bank, serving as the head of the latter in 1909-17. He was a member and Chairman of the board at many enterprises under the auspices of the bank such as gold mines, coal mines, engineering plants, etc., as well as served on the board of rail carriers and insurance companies including Siemens and Halske, Siemens and Schuckert, and Electric Lighting Company of 1886. The Private Bank, with Davidov at the head, cooperated with the Russian-Asian Bank in establishing monopoly concerns such as the Military Industrial Concern, the Tobacco Trust, and Russian General Oil Corporation. He was a member of the board in the Stock Department of the St. Petersburg Exchange. A member of the Council of the Society of St. Petersburg Music Assemblies, he participated in staging Pskovityanka and Boris Godunov. He emigrated to Germany after October 1917.

Reference: Бовыкин В. И., Петров Ю. А. Коммерческие банки Российской империи. М., 1994. С. 90-91.

V. S. Solomko.

Davidov Alexey Avgustovich
Halske Johann Georg
Simens Karl Fedorovich

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