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Civil Engineers Society

Categories / Architecture/Urban Planning/Art and Literary Associations

CIVIL ENGINEERS SOCIETY was founded in 1894 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Engineers Institute (CEI, today, St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering) foundation. It was situated at 29 Moskovsky Avenue. The society council consisted of civil engineers A.A. Kurganovich, D.K. Prussak, V.V. Nicolas, B.K. Pravzdik and others. The society conferences considered the issues of engineering and technical maintenance of construction works (new building materials study and implementation of new technologies were of special consideration), the bills of obligatory regulations for the construction business were elaborated. The Society conducted annual contests for architectural and engineering projects, awarding medals for the best works. It published annual activity reports (1894-1916). In 1906, the first issue of Architecture Annual of the CEI was published. The society was abolished in 1917.

A. A. Alexeev.

Kurganovich Alexander Alexandrovich
Nicolas Vladimir Vladimirovich
Pravzdik Bronislav Kazimirovich
Prussak Dmitry Konstantinovich

Moskovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 29

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Architectural-Construction University, St. Petersburg State

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