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Eliseevsky Shop

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ELISEEVSKY SHOP (56 Nevsky Prospect / 8 Malaya Sadovaya Street) is the monument of architecture of Eclecticism and early Art Nouveau style. The main building housing a food store and a theatre lobby was built in 1902-03 (architect G. V. Baranovsky) for Eliseev Brothers Trade Partnership. The building with a high level architectural, artistic, engineering and technical decision and execution showed wealth of decor, elaborate details, and rational planning (concrete, stone, and glass were widely used in the construction). Allegorical sculptures of Industry, Commerce, Art and Science (sculptor A. G. Adamson) were placed on the facade of the building. On the ground floor there was a hall with glass showcases and bronze lamps (in Soviet times it was Central Food Shop № 1 - one of the largest food shops in the city; in the 1990s, its historical name was returned to the store). There is a theatre hall on the first floor behind the stained glass embrasure on the facade (in 1926 the building housed the Gutman Theatre Of Satire; in 1929, it was renamed the State Theatre Of Satire, today it is known as the Comedy Theatre). Overhaul and restoration were carried out in the building In 1987-88 and in 2000-03.

V. G. Isachenko.

Adamson Amandus
Akimov Nikolay Pavlovich
Baranovsky Gavriil Vasilievich

Malaya Sadovaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 8
Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city, house 56

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