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Liteiny Bridge

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LITEINY BRIDGE (in 1903-17 Emperor Alexander II Bridge, or Alexandrovsky (Alexander Bridge), over the Neva River, linking Liteiny Avenue with Akademika Lebedeva Street on Viborgskaya Side. It was built in 1875-79 (engineer А.Е. Struve) replacing the Voskresensky Pontoon Bridge, which had been relocated to the site around 1851; (from 1786 it was located at the alignment of Voskresensky Avenue; hence its name). The construction was preceded by an international tender (17 projects were submitted). The Liteiny Bridge has six spans; five of which were arched by open-spandrel arch trusses; the spin pivot of the opening span at the left side of the Neva River had diagonal deck-trusses. The cast iron railing of the Liteiny Bridge (architect K.K. Rakhau) contains a representation of the St. Petersburg coat of arms. The piers rest on a caisson foundation. Liteiny Bridge was the first bridge in St. Petersburg to have electrical illumination; from 1879 (Yablochkov candles in the lanterns were manufactured to architect C. А. Cavos's design). In 1965-67, a reconstruction of Liteiny Bridge took place (engineers L.А. Wildgrube, N.D. Shipov, K.P. Klochkov, architect Y.I. Sinitsa) retaining parts of the piers. The bridge has solid steel- reinforced concrete plate decks; the opening span was replaced with a pivoting single wing. In 1966-69, double-tier traffic intersections were constructed on both river banks. Length: (excluding the intersection tunnels) 396 metres, width: 34 metres.

References: Кириллов Н. Мосты вступают в строй // БА. 1965. № 29. С. 44-49; Суслов В. Н. Поздравьте Литейный bridge! // Нева. 1979. № 8. С. 209-212.

D. Y. Guzevich, S. Z Suponitsky, N. M. Kozlovskaya.

Alexander II, Emperor
Cavos Cesar Albertovich
Klochkov K.P.
Rachau Karl Karlovich
Shipov N.D.
Sinitsa Yu.I.
Struve Amand Egorovich
Wildgrube L.A.
Yablochkov Pavel Nikolaevich

Akademika Lebedeva St./Saint Petersburg, city
Liteiny Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Voznesensky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city

Кириллов Н. Мосты вступают в строй // Блокнот агитатора, 1965
Суслов В. Н. Поздравьте Литейный мост! // Нева, 1979


Electrical Power Supply

ELECTRICAL POWER SUPPLY. Prototype electrical torches in St. Petersburg were lit in 1873 on Odesskaya Street. Twelve electrical torches designed by P.N. Yablochkov were installed in 1879 for the lighting of Liteiny Bridge

Floating Bridges

FLOATING BRIDGES, temporary bridges on floating objects (ferries, pontoons, barges etc.), were used from the early 18th century. The first floating bridge was the one that linked Berezovy and Zayachy islands

Rachau K.K., (1830-1880), architect

RACHAU Karl Karlovich (1830 - 1880, St. Petersburg), architect, one of the prominent representatives of St. Petersburg Eclectism, master of interiors, accentuating small forms and an architectural scholar

Yablochkov P.N., (1847-1894), electrical engineer

YABLOCHKOV Pavel Nikolaevich (1847-1894), electrical engineer. In St. Petersburg, he left the Nikolaevskoe Engineering School in 1866 and Technical Galvanic School in 1869