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Sampsonievsky Bridge

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SAMPSONIEVSKY BRIDGE, (in 1918-1998 known as Svobody Bridge, Bridge of Freedom), over the Bolshaya Nevka, linking Kuybysheva Street and Finlandsky Avenue. The bridge was named after St. Sampson’s Cathedral. Since 1806, Grenadersky pontoon bridge had been set here. In 1847, a nogging strut-framed pile-supported wooden bridge with 13 spans (the central span opened) was built here, to be repeatedly rebuilt. In 1937, metal beam spans were laid. The present-day bridge was built in 1955-1958 (engineers V.V. Demchenko, B.B. Levin, architect L.A. Noskov). It consists of seven spans, the two embankment spans are covered with reinforced-concrete double-hinged arches, while the four channel ones are bridged over with continuous double-span steel beams with curved lower chords; the central span is opens from both wings. Heavy reinforced-concrete piers are faced with granite. A full overhaul of the bridge was decided on in 2000. The bridge is 215 metres long and 27 metres wide.

D. Y. Guzevich, S.Z. Suponitsky, N.M. Kozlovskaya.

Demchenko V.V.
Levin B.B.
Noskov Lev Alexandrovich

Finlyandsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Kuibysheva St./Saint Petersburg, city

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