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Reformed School

Categories / Science. Education/Educational Institutions

REFORMED COLLEGE, Reformed Church College situated at 38 Moika River Embankment, a secondary education institution founded in 1818 by St. Petersburg's reformed community on the basis of a boarding school managed by pastor J. von Muralt (1770-1850) in 1811-38 with common management and teaching staff. Unlike a boarding school that admitted the nobility only, the Reformed College was intended for all social classes. There were three types of courses: an eight-year gymnasium course, a seven-year real course, and a commercial course that granted no certificate to its graduates. The college had ten to twenty graduates annually. It taught history, law, Latin, German, and other general subjects, as well as political geography and commercial mathematics. Among teachers were K. I. Arsenyev, a geographer and historian, F. A. Gilles, the director of the Hermitage's museum of antiquities, and mineralogist A. F. Postels. The high quality of its teaching promoted the college to rank among the best high schools in Russia. V. A. Zhukovsky invited its teachers to teach the heir to the throne, the future Emperor Alexander II. Graduates had the right to enter civil and military service, as well as Russian and foreign universities. The college had over 2,000 graduates in a hundred years. It was closed in 1918 after restrictions were imposed on the activities of non-Orthodox and foreign parishes. The college building was erected in 1810s based on the building erected in the mid-18th century and reconstructed by architect I. A. Galnbek in 1899-1900.

References: Zdekauer N. Rйminiscences de la pension du pasteur Jean de Muralt, de 1825 а 1831. SPb., 1874.

A. F. Veksler.

Alexander II, Emperor
Arsenyev Konstantin Ivanovich
Galnbek Ivan Andreevich
Gilles Florian Antonovich
Muralt J. von
Postels A.F.
Zhukovsky Vasily Andreevich

Moika River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 38

Zdekauer N. Reminiscences de la pension lu pasteur Jean de Muralt, de 1825 a 1831. SPb., 1874

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