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Entries / Jacoby B.S., (1801-1874), physicist

Jacoby B.S., (1801-1874), physicist

Categories / Science. Education/Personalia

JACOBY Boris Semenovich (Moritz Herman) (1801-1874), physicist and electrical engineer member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences from 1847. A German emmigrant, he studied at Berlin and Hettingen universities. He lived and worked in St. Petersburg from 1837. His major works were on electrical engineering, galvanoplastics, electrochemistry, and metrology. He invented an electric engine in 1834 and applied it to run an electric vessel on the Neva in 1838. He was among the first to build cable telegraph in St. Petersburg, which was laid between the Winter Palace and the General Staff and between the Winter Palace and the Headquarters Railroad Communications, as well as a line between St. Petersburg and Tsarskoe Selo in 1843. He was buried at the Smolenskoe Lutheran Cemetery; a bust was installed on his grave but has been lost. There is a memorial plaque at the present-day 2/1 Lieutenant Shmidt Embankment where Jacoby lived from 1839.

References: Яроцкий А. В. Борис Семенович Якоби, 1801-1874. М., 1988.

V. V. Cheparukhin.

Jakoby Boris Semenovich (Moritz Herman)

Leitenanta Schmidta Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 1/2

Яроцкий А. В. Борис СеменовичЯкоби, 1801-1874. М., 1988

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