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Entries / Bekhterev V.M., (1857-1927), psychoneurologist

Bekhterev V.M., (1857-1927), psychoneurologist

Categories / Medicine. Public Health/Personalia
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BEKHTEREV Vladimir Mikhailovich (1857-1927), psycho-neurologist, founder of reflexology, Professor (1885), Academician (1899) of the Army Medical College, Honourable Figure of Science (1927). Graduated from the Medical Surgical Academy in 1878. In 1893-1913, worked as professor at the Psychiatry and as the head of the Clinic for Mental Disorders and Neuropathology of the Army Medical College. Concurrently, since 1897, was a professor at the Women's Medical Institute. Founder and President of the Council of the Institute of Psychoneurology (founded in 1908, named after Bekhterev in 1925). In 1909, he established the world's first Paedological Institute, which conducted an integrated study of small children; and the Anti-Alcoholic Clinic Institute in 1912. In 1918, he headed the Psychoneurologic Institute, founded on his initiative. Also founded the School of Science. Wrote important works on the nervous system's anatomy, physiology and pathology. In 1957, Kazachya Street was renamed after Bekhterev. Memorial plaques were installed where Bekhterev lived, at 25 Malaya Nevka River Embankment (1914-27), on the building of the Chair of Psychiatry of the Army Medical College, at 17 Botkinskaya Street, and at the Psychoneurological Institute, at 3 Bekhtereva Street. In 1960, a bronze bust monument of Bekhterev, designed by sculptor M.K. Anikushin, was unveiled in front of the institute building. In 1971, Bekhterev's cinerary urn was buried at Literatorskie Mostky.

Reference: Никифоров А. С. Бехтерев. М., 1986.

T. I. Grekova.

Anikushin Mikhail Konstantinovich
Bekhterev Vladimir Mikhailovich

Bekhtereva St./Saint Petersburg, city
Bekhtereva St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 3
Botkinskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 17
Malaya Nevka River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 25

Никифоров А. С. Бехтерев. М., 1986

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