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Entries / Loris-Melikov M.T. (1825-1888), statesman

Loris-Melikov M.T. (1825-1888), statesman

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LORIS-MELIKOV Mikhail Tarielovich (1824-1888), Count (1878), statesman and military officer, Cavalry General (1875), Adjutant General (1865). After graduating from the Guards Schools for Ensigns and Cavalry Cadets in St. Petersburg (1843) joined the Guards Cavalry, in 1847 took part in military operations against Caucasian highlanders, and in the Crimean War of 1853-56. In 1863-75 was appointed Governor of the Tver Province. During the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78 - was made Corps Commander (in fact Commander of the military operations in the Caucasian theatre of war), distinguished himself in the capture of Kars. In 1879-80 acted as the temporary Governor General of Kharkov. From 1880 - member of the State Council. In February-August 1880 assumed the office of chairman of the Supreme Executive Commission for dealing with revolutionary agitation, and from August 1880 held the post of the Minister of the Interior and the Gendarme Chief. Endorsing tough methods of fighting the terror of People’s Will, Loris-Мelikov proposed at the same time a program of reforms (tax reform, local government reform, extension of rights of certain population groups etc.), drafted a project for the establishment of a consultative and legislative authority for assessment of reform plans involving zemstvos (provincial and district government councils) and municipal administrative bodies delegates (the so called Loris-Мelikov Constitution). In the morning of 1.3.1881 Imperor Alexander II approved Loris-Melikovs's plan and called a session of the Council of Ministers for March 4 to discuss the plan, however, the emperor was assassinated in a few months by Narodniki (see First of May, 1881). The newly acceded emperor Alexander III refused to approve the project of Loris-Мelikov and on 30 April 1881 the latter resigned, thus causing the first ministerial crisis in Russia's history. Subsequently Loris-Melikov lived mainly abroad, came to St. Petersburg only to attend the most important sessions of the State Council.

Reference: Даниелян Г. Г. Генерал граф Лорис-Меликов: Его жизнь, воен. и гос. деятельность. Ереван, 1997.

D. N. Shilov.

Alexander II, Emperor
Alexander III, Emperor
Loris-Melikov Mikhail Tarielovich, Count

Даниелян Г.Г. Ген. граф Лорис-Меликов. Его жизнь, воен. и гос.деятельность, Ереван, 1997

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