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Mikhailovsky Military Artillery University

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MIKHAILOVSKY MILITARY ARTILLERY UNIVERSITY (MMAU) (22 Komsomola Street) is a higher military educational institution for training of command and engineer personnel for missile and artillery units; it also possesses a research centre. It was created in 1953 on the basis of the Dzerzhinsky Military Academy as the Military Artillery Command Academy. In 1960, it was united with the Leningrad High School of Artillery Engineering, forming the Military Artillery Academy, which was named after Kalinin in 1967, from 1995 it was called the Mikhailovskaya Artillery Academy, in 1999 it received its current name. It was situated in the building of the Mikhailovsky Artillery Academy.

G. V. Kalashnikov.

Dzerzhinsky Ivan Ivanovich
Kalinin Mikhail Ivanovich

Komsomola St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 22

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Mikhailovsky Artillery Academy

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