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Air Corps Aerodrome

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AIR CORPS AERODROME, set up in 1910 in the south part of St. Petersburg, between Baltiiskaya and Varshavskaya Railway Lines, in the area of the present Blagodatnaya Street and Pobedy Street. Was used as a training airfield for air planes and dirigibles, for training of pilots and technical crews of the Air Force, for aviation ceremonies, and in 1911-16 - for annual aeroplane competitions. From 1913 the base of the 1st Air Craft Company, assigned to a Guards Corps (hence the name "Corps"). In 1924-31 was Leningrad's principal military and civil aerodrome. In 1931-41 it served as the air-club's base. In the early 1960 the territory had been built over. A remembrance of the airdrome is retained in the name of the Aviators' Park.

G. V. Kalashnikov.

Blagodatnaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Pobedy St./Saint Petersburg, city

Airports (entry)

AIRPORTS (airdromes, terminal buildings). In 1911-14, in St. Petersburg’s first airport, Korpusnoy Airdrome was situated near present-day Novo-Izmailovsky Avenue (see Aviatorov Park)

Aviators' Park

AVIATORS' PARK is situated in the southern part of St. Petersburg, between Novo-Izmailovsky Avenue and Basseynaya, Kubinskaya, and Kuznetsovskaya Streets, occupying as total 35.2 hectares