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Entries / Mordvinov S.I. (1701-1777), Admiral

Mordvinov S.I. (1701-1777), Admiral

Categories / Army. Navy/Personalia

MORDVINOV Semen Ivanovich (1701-1777, St. Petersburg), Admiral (1764). The father of N.S. Mordvinov. Studied in Novgorod and Narva Mathematical Schools, graduated from the Naval Academy in St. Petersburg (1716). Commenced his service as a midshipman in Reval, completed an internship in the French Fleet; upon returning to Russia served in the Baltic Fleet. In 1724 appointed adjutant to Kronstadt's Commander, Vice Admiral Т. Gordon. In 1734 was assigned to the Kronstadt company. From 1739 held the post of Advisor for the Commissariat Expedition. In 1741 Mordvinov was appointed Commander of the Baltic Fleet. In 1746 he was put in command of the Kronstadt Port. In 1752-54 held the office of Advisor of the Admiralty Bureau, and in 1759 was appointed attendant at the Admiralty Collegium. In 1762-63 Mordvinov was member of the fleet commission. From 1764 commanded the 1st Division of the Baltic Fleet. Author of works on navigation and naval science, as well as Memoirs… (published in 1868). Retired in 1777. Buried at Cemetery of Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

Reference: Архив графов Мордвиновых. СПб., 1901-1903. Т. 1-10.

A. N. Lukirsky.

Gordon T.
Mordvinov Nikolay Semenovich, Count
Mordvinov Semen Ivanovich

Архив графов Мордвиновых: В 3 т. СПб., 1901-1903

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