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Entries / Cholera Riot 1831

Cholera Riot 1831

Categories / Social Life

CHOLERA RIOT 1831, disturbances by ordinary people connected with the appearance of cholera, a formerly unknown disease in St. Petersburg. The central events of the Cholera Revolt occurred on Sennaya Square and at Sennoy Market on 14 February 1831 when a crowd accused the market sanitary inspectors of spreading the disease, beating them and attempting to cleanse the city of all doctors. After vain efforts by the police to stop these disturbances, Emperor Nicolas I arrived, ordering the crowd to obey his hail, "On your knees, villains! Hats off!" One of the bas-reliefs on the pedestal of the monument to Nicolas I on St. Isaac's Square is devoted to the memory of this event.

G. V. Kalashnikov.

Nicholas I, Emperor

Sennaya Square/Saint Petersburg, city
St.Isaac's Square/Saint Petersburg, city


Essen P.K., governor-general in 1830-42

ESSEN (v. Essen) Peter Kirillovich (1772-1844, St. Petersburg), count (1833), statesman and combat leader, infantry general (1819). In 1777 he was registered in the Guards, took part in the Russo-Swedish war of 1788-91, Swiss campaign of 1799-1800

Sennaya Square

SENNAYA SQUARE (from 1952 to 1991 - Mira Square), located at the intersection of Sadovaya Street (some buildings numbered) and Moskovsky Avenue. The St. Petersburg Construction Commission proposed the construction of an extensive square on this site