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Zoning (entry)

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ZONING, division of the city territory into separate parts with the purpose of separate government or assigning different purposes to each zone according to some criterion. There are over 50 different variants of state and sectoral zoning in St. Petersburg. The most important division is that into administrative zones: the city territory is divided into 20 administrative districts (see Administrative division). In 1997 for the purpose of local self-government the territory of St. Petersburg was divided into 111 municipal areas. Before 1917, St. Petersburg was divided into police units for the purpose of law enforcement. Today law enforcement division follows the structure of police stations throughout the city. The federal post service divides the city into 250 post department areas covering the entire city territory and having different postal index numbers. In the system of the court power St. Petersburg is divided into 150 court sections according to the jurisdiction of the courts of peace. City planning divides the city into 285 social and economic districts - parts of the city different in their position in relation to the city centre, different in functional use of territories, quality of the city area and with different rates of land tax. Social-economic districts with the same rate of land tax form "tax zones". For elections the city is divided into electoral districts and electoral sections. Census of the population is carried out in the so-called census sections. There are many other variants of division of the city territory with a purpose of accommodating the needs of city structures and separate organisations: zones of outpatient services, territorial medical service areas, territories of communications hubs, operational districts of Vodokonal, Lenenego, Lensvet, etc.

Е. А. Bondarchuk.

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