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Entries / Sologub F.K. (1863-1927), writer

Sologub F.K. (1863-1927), writer

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SOLOGUB Fedor (real name Teternikov Fedor Kuzmich) (1863, St. Petersburg - 1927, Leningrad), a poet, prose writer, playwright and translator. In 1882-92, after graduating from St. Petersburg Teachers" Institute, he worked as a teacher in the provinces. In 1893 he returned to St. Petersburg and resumed his pedagogical activity. He retired in 1907. Sologub was closely connected with the group of the authors of the Severny vestnik journal, where he published a number of his works. His works appeared in Nasha Zhizn journal, Mir Iskusstv, Novy Put, Voprosy Zhizni, Peterburgskaya Zhizn, Birzhevye Vedomosti, Rech, etc. In 1903-16 he arranged weekly literary soirees at his flats (see Sologub"s Salon). The writing style of Sologub brings him together with the "elder" symbolists (those of the first wave of Russian symbolism). His works are mostly concentrated on the representing of immense breach lying between the reality and fantasy. The principal character of his novel The Petty Demon (1902) personifies all those small-minded and trite features that Sologub witnessed in the life of his time. The late 1900s saw the peak of his popularity as a writer. In 1909-12, St. Petersburg publishing house The Dogrose published his collected works in 12 volumes, in 1913-14, Sologub"s collected works were published in 20 volumes in The Sirin Publishing House. Sologub was inimical towards the October Revolution of 1917, and from 1919 onwards was attempting to get permission to leave the country. He ceased attempting to emigrate after his wife, writer and translator A.N. Chebotarevskaya, committed suicide in 1921. From 1926 he presided over the Union of Leningrad Writers. On 11 February 1924 the Alexandrinsky Theatre housed the ceremonial celebration of the 40th anniversary of his literary work. In the 1900s he lived at 20 Seventh Line of Vasilievsky Island, 29 Shirokaya Street (present-day Lenina Street), 11 Grodnensky Lane; in the 1910s he lived at 31 Razyezzhaya Street, and 44 Ninth Line of Vasilievsky Island; in the 1920s he lived at 37 Bolshoy Avenue of Vasilievsky Island. He was buried at Smolenskoe Orthodox cemetery.

References: Неизданный Ф. Сологуб: Стихи. Док. Мемуары: Сб. М., 1997.

D. N. Akhapkin.

Chebotarevskaya Anastasia Nikolaevna
Sologub Fedor (real name Teternikov Fedor Kuzmich)

7th Line of Vasilievsky Island/Saint Petersburg, city, house 20
9th Line of Vasilievsky Island/Saint Petersburg, city, house 44
Bolshoy Ave of Vasilievsky Island/Saint Petersburg, city, house 37
Grodnensky Lane/Saint Petersburg, city, house 11
Lenina St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 19
Razyezzhaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 31

Неизданный Федор Сологуб: Стихи. Документы. Мемуары. Сборник. М., 1997

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