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Entries / Yaremich S.P. (1869-1938), artist, art historian

Yaremich S.P. (1869-1938), artist, art historian

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YAREMICH Stepan Petrovich (1869-1938, Leningrad), art historian, artist, collector. Studied in a real school in Kiev. Moved to St. Petersburg in 1899. Yaremich was a member of the World of Art Association and Old St. Petersburg Society. In 1904-08, he lived and worked as an artist in Paris. In 1928 he was appointed a curator of the State Hermitage. In his youth, Yaremich was friends with N.N. Ge and M.M. Vrubel, helping the latter with the painting of the St. Prince Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev. Making a debut in 1900, he later published his works in Art Magazine (Kiev), World of Art Journal, Old Years Journal, Collectioner Circle Journal and publications of the State Hermitage. Yaremich wrote on the work of D.G. Levitsky, A.A. Ivanov, K.A. Somov, I.E. Repin, I.I. Levitan, N.K. Roerich and other Russian artists, as well as on the work of European artists. He authored monographs on М.М. Vrubel (1911), P.P. Chistyakov (1928), wrote essays for the book of lithographs by M.V. Dobuzhinsky (1923), notes for the collection of correspondence between L.N. Tolstoy and N.N. Ge (1930), and commentary for a collection of drawings by V.A. Serov (1936). Yaremich compiled an extensive collection of Russian and European graphic art (now on display at the State Hermitage). He lived at 35/2 Seventeenth Line of Vasilievsky Island.

References: Бенуа А. Н. Мои воспоминания. М., 1993. Т. 2 . С. 274-278.

V. V. Antonov.

Dobuzhinsky Mstislav Valerianovich
Ge Nikolay Nikolaevich
Ivanov Alexander Andreevich
Levitan Isaak Ilyich
Levitsky Dmitry Grigorievich
Repin Ilya Efimovich
Roerich Nikolay Konstantinovich
Serov Valentin Alexandrovich
Somov Konstantin Andreevich
Tolstoy Lev Nikolaevich, Count
Vrubel Mikhail Alexandrovich
Yaremich Stepan Petrovich

17th Line of Vasilievsky Island/Saint Petersburg, city, house 2/35

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