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Entries / Kopelyan E.Z., (1912-1975), actor

Kopelyan E.Z., (1912-1975), actor

Categories / Art/Music, Theatre/Personalia

KOPELYAN Efim Zakharovich (1912-1975, Leningrad), actor, people's Artist of the USSR (1973). Studied at the studio of the Bolshoy Drama Theatre (1935), worked for this theatre for the rest of his life. In 1941-43, worked at the Theatre of the People's Volunteer Militia and for the Leningrad Front Propaganda unit. He played over 40 roles at the BDT, displaying his acting talent most strongly in G.A. Tovstonogov's productions. Kopelyan's best-performed theatrical parts include Mario (Senor Mario is Writing a Comedy by A. Nikolai, 1958), Ilyin (Five Evenings by A.M. Volodin, 1959), Jackson (They didn't Bow Down based on N. Douglas and G. Smith's play, 1961), Ernesto Roma (The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui by B. Brecht, 1962), Illarion (I, Grandmother, Iliko and Illarion by N. V. Dumbadze and G. D. Lordkipanidze, 1964), Vershinin (Three Sisters by A.P. Chekhov , 1965), Savva Morozov (The Third Guard by G.A. Kapralov and S.I. Tumanov, 1970), Mikich (Khanuma by A.A. Tsagareli, 1972), and Evgeny Tulupov (Three Sacks of Unsorted Wheat based on the story by V.F. Tendryakov, 1974). An outstanding comedic actor, a profound dramatic actor, and a unique character actor, Kopelyan acted with equal naturalness in performances of various genres. From 1932, he appeared in films, playing over 50 roles, including Ataman Burnash (Elusive Avengers, 1966), S. Morozov (Nikolay Bauman, 1967), Svidrigailov (Crime and Punishment, 1970), and Dorn (The Seagull, 1971). Film directors often used Kopelyan's rich expressive voice, his art of convincing intonation, and meaningful pauses for voice-over narration (Seventeen Moments of Spring, directed by T.M. Lioznova in 1973). In 1968, Kopelyan was awarded a prize at the All-Union Film Festival. In 1962-75, he lived at 47 Basseinaya Street (memorial plaque installed). Buried at Literatorskie Mostky.

Reference: Тимченко М. Ефим Копелян. Л., 1982.

A. A. Kirillov.

Brecht Bertolt
Chekhov Anton Pavlovich
Douglas N.
Dumbadze Nodar Vladimirovich
Kapralov Georgy Alexandrovich
Kopelyan Efim Zakharovich
Lioznova Tatyana Mikhailovna
Lordkipanidze Grigory Davidovich
Nikolai Andrey Lvovich (Heinrich Ludwig)
Smith G.
Tendryakov Vladimir Fedorovich
Tovstonogov Georgy Alexandrovich
Tsagareli Avksenty Antonovich
Tumanov S.I.
Volodin Alexander Moiseevich

Basseinaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 47

Тимченко М. Б. Ефим Копелян. Л., 1982

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