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Entries / Likhachev B.S. (1902-1934), cinema historian

Likhachev B.S. (1902-1934), cinema historian

Categories / Art/Music, Theatre/Personalia
Categories / Art/Cinema

LIKHACHEV Boris Sergeevich (1902, St. Petersburg - 1934, Leningrad), cinema historian. He studied at Petrograd Theatre College in 1917-18. He worked as an actor at the Alexandrinsky Theatre in 1919 but was drafted into the army. He was the director of an amateur theatre of Petrograd Military District from 1920. At the same time he engaged in studying the history of cinema and collected a quantity of unique iconographic materials. Working in the Cinema Committee of the Leningrad Institute of Theatre and Music from 1924 (see Institute of Arts History), he founded the so-called cinema room - the first Russian centre of cinema history that is still a part of the institute. Likhachev laid the foundation for the study of national cinema with his book, Cinema in Russia. Materials on the History of Russian Cinema, with part one published in 1927.

Reference: Гуревич С. Д. Ленинградское киноведение: Зубовский особняк, 1925-1936. СПб., 1998.

I. V. Sepman.

Likhachev Boris Sergeevich

Гуревич С. Ленинградское киноведение: Зубовский особняк, 1925-1936 СПб., 1998

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