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Entries / Lyadov А.K., (1855-1914), composer

Lyadov А.K., (1855-1914), composer

Categories / Art/Music, Theatre/Personalia

LYADOV Anatoly Konstantinovich (1855, St. Petersburg - 1914), composer, conductor, teacher, and musician. A son of K. N. Lyadov (1820-71), conductor, violinist, and bandmaster of the Russian Imperial Opera Company in 1860-69. He studied composition under N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov at St. Petersburg Conservatory, graduating in 1878. He took part in meetings held by Balakirev and Belyaev from the mid-1870s, acting as one of the leading publishers of M. P. Belyaev in Leipzig and a member of the Board of Guardians for Encouragement of Russian Composers and Musicians (see Belyaev M.P.). He regularly conducted from the mid-1880s at performances of the Circle of Music Lovers, held in Demut's Hotel Hall at 38 Moika Embankment between 1879 and the mid-1880s, music parties and performances of the Amateur Circle of Music and Drama, held in Demut's Hall and Pavlova's Hall at 13 Troitskaya Square in 1880-90s, as well as Russian symphonic concerts. He played compositions by M. I. Glinka, the Mighty Five composers, P. I. Tchaikovsky, and A. N. Skryabin. He worked as a teacher in the Conservatory from 1878, a professor from 1886, and in the Court Chapel from 1884. Composers S. S. Prokofiev, N. Y. Myaskovsky, B. V. Asafyev, V. V. Shcherbachev, M. F. Gnesin, and musicologist A. V. Ossovsky were among his students. Lyadov's musical heritage includes piano miniatures, such as preludes, bagatelles, mazurkas, intermezzo, impromptus and etudes; Spillikins and Arabesque, piano cycles composed in 1876 and 1878, respectively; Baba-Yaga, Enchanted Lake, and Kikimora, the so-called orchestra pictures, the former composed in 1904 and the latter two in 1909; From the Apocalypse and Sorrowful Song composed in 1912 and 1914, respectively. Lyadov also adapted Russian folk songs for a capella choir, choir and orchestra, symphonic orchestra, and voice and piano. He published four books of Russian folk songs in 1898-1902, which were collected by I. V. Nekrasov, F. M. Istomin, and F. I. Pokrovsky, members of the Russian Georgraphic Society, in Vladimirskaya Province, Tverskaya Province, Saratovskaya Province, Nizhegorodskaya Province, and Yaroslavskaya Province in 1894-1902. He lived next door to Belyaev at 52 Nikolaevskaya Street (today, Marata Street) in 1894-1914, where a memorial plaque was located, destroyed during the Great Patriotic War. He was buried in the Necropolis of Artists.

Reference: Михайлов М. К. Анатолий Константинович Лядов: Очерк жизни и творчества. Л., 1961.

A. L. Porfiryeva.

Asafyev Boris Vladimirovich
Balakirev Mily Alexeevich
Belyaev Mitrofan Petrovich
Glinka Mikhail Ivanovich
Gnesin Mikhail Fabianovich
Istomin F.M.
Lyadov Anatoly Konstantinovich
Lyadov Konstantin Nikolaevich
Myaskovsky Nikolay Yakovlevich
Nekrasov I.V.
Ossovsky Alexander Vyacheslavovich
Pokrovsky F.I.
Prokofiev Sergey Sergeevich
Rimsky-Korsakov Nikolay Andreevich
Shcherbachev Vladimir Vladimirovich
Skryabin Alexander Nikolaevich
Tchaikovsky Peter Ilyich

Marata St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 52
Moika River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 38
Rubinsteina St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 13

Михайлов М. К. Анатолий Константинович Лядов: Очерк жизни и творчества. Л., 1961

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