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Entries / Bogdanova-Chesnokova G.V. (1904-1983), singer

Bogdanova-Chesnokova G.V. (1904-1983), singer

Categories / Art/Music, Theatre/Personalia

BOGDANOVA-CHESNOKOVA Glikeria Vasilievna (1904, St. Petersburg - 1983, Leningrad), musical comedy actress, People's Artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1970). Made her debut in 1920 at the Alexandrinsky Theatre as Lucile in J.B. Moliere's play Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme. In 1924 she graduated from the School of Russian Drama in Leningrad, where she studied under V.N. Davydov. From 1925 to 1945, she worked at the Free Theatre, the Provincial Professional Council Theatre, the Music Hall, the Variety and Miniatures Theatre, and the Regional Operetta Theatre. In 1946 she joined the Musical Comedy Theatre, where she worked until the end of her career. Bogdanova-Chesnokova had an outstanding comic gift, and strived to achieve an acute sharpness in her performance. She was especially good in roles from the works of contemporary Soviet composers. Her best performances include Khivrya (A.P.Ryabov's Sorochinskaya Fair), Gapusya (The Wedding in Malinovka by B.A. Alexandrov), Svinyina (Tobacco Captain by V.V. Shcherbachev), Rosalia (Chanita's Kiss by Y.S. Milyutin), Matrena (One Hundred Devils and a Girl by T.N. Khrennikov), and Clementina Marich and Serafima Stepanovna (The Free Wind and White Acacia by I.O. Dunaevsky). Her repertoire included classical roles, such as Princess Lippert-Weglersheim and Madame Arnaud (I. Kalman's Die Csardasfurstin (The Gypsy Princess, or Sylva) and Das Veilchen vom Montmartre, respectively). She also appeared in the cinema (the part of Carolina in Mister X). Bogdanova-Chesnokova was buried at the Serafimovskoe Cemetery.

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Bogdanova-Chesnokova Glikeria Vasilievna
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Ленинградский государственный театр музыкальной комедии. Л., 1972

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