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Entries / Glinka V.M. (1903 - 1983), historian

Glinka V.M. (1903 - 1983), historian

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GLINKA Vladislav Mikhailovich (1903-1983), historian, art historian, writer, honoured culture worker of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1964). Graduated from the Law Department of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Leningrad State University (1927). Under the influence of S.N. Troynitsky, director of the Hermitage, he took a great interest in Russian history. Since 1928, Glinka worked as a research assistant of the Russian Museum"s Department of History and Everyday Life. In 1942-44, he worked as a curator of the museum at the Institute of Russian Literature. In 1944-63, Glinka held the post of chief curator of the Hermitage"s Russian Culture Department that was founded on the basis of the Bibliographic Information Department. He was an acclaimed specialist in the history of 18th and 19th century Russian life and customs. Glinka was the first to create the method of scientific description of museum exhibits, above all, - of military portraits, military uniforms, orders and awards. He was involved as a consultant in 34 plays and 21 films (War and Piece, etc.). Glinka authored film scripts, articles, essays, short stories and novels (On the Way of Honour, The Life of a Palace Grenadier, etc.), and a monograph entitled Pushkin and the Military Gallery of the Winter Palace (1949). V.M. Glinka and A.V. Pomarnatsky"s work, entitled The Military Gallery of the Winter Palace (1963) went through several editions. In 1973, he began work on an album of Russian Military Uniform in the 18th - early 20th centuries (unfinished; published in 1988). Glinka lived at 11 Khalturina Street, then at 2 Chaikovskogo Street. He was buried in the village of Susanino of Gatchinsky District of Leningrad Region.

References: Хранитель: К 100-летию со дня рождения В. М. Глинки/Сост. М. С. Глинка. СПб., 2003.

Y. N. Kruzhnov.

Glinka Vladislav Mikhailovich
Pomarnatsky A.V.
Troynitsky Sergey Nikolaevich

Millionnaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 11
Tchaikovskogo St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 2

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