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Neva Bridgehead

NEVA BRIDGEHEAD ("Nevsky Pyatachok"). A bridgehead on the left side of the Neva River near the Moskovskaya Dubrovka settlement and the village of Arbuzovo, occupied by Soviet troops on the night of 20 September 1941

Northern Front of 1941

NORTHERN FRONT, joint armed forces of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45. Deployed on 24 June 1941 from the Leningrad Air Defence Force to defend the Soviet-Finnish border from the Barents Sea to the Baltic Sea

Oranienbaum Bridgehead

ORANIENBAUM BRIDGEHEAD (Primorsky Bridgehead), a territory along the shore of the Gulf of Finland, from the Voronka River to Peterhof (about 65 km long and 25 km deep)

People's Volunteer Militia of 1941

PEOPLE'S VOLUNTEER MILITIA (NARODNOE OPOLCHENIE) OF 1941. Volunteer military units formed at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45, made up of people not subject to immediate draft upon mobilization

Ration Cards

RATION CARDS. Documents allowing the regular receipt of a certain amount of food from the State Trading Network at a fixed price under conditions of famine or drastic food shortages

Resettlement of 1944-45

RESETTLEMENT OF 1944-45, the return back to Leningrad of population and material values that were evacuated in 1941-43. The resettlement was launched after the Lifting of the Siege (January 1944), when about 600,000 people were living in the city

Road of Life

ROAD OF LIFE, the only transport communication line linking Leningrad to the rest of the country during the Siege of 1941-44. Organized in September 1941, the road passed from Leningrad, through Vsevolozhsk

Road of Victory

ROAD OF VICTORY, a temporary 33-km long railroad from Polyany to Schlisselburg. The railroad was built from 20 January to 6 February 1943, after breaking the Siege along the southern side of Lake Ladoga

Service Teams

SERVICE TEAMS, voluntary youth units for local air defence, formed to support Leningrad citizens during the siege of 1941-44. The first service team was formed in February 1942 on the initiative of the Primorsky District Committee of the All-Union

Siege of 1941-44

SIEGE of 1941-44, siege of Leningrad by German troops, from 8 September 1941 until 27 January 1944, during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1944; the most tragic chapter in the city's history

Sinyavino Operations of 1941-42

SINYAVINO OPERATIONS of 1941-42. Several offensive operations during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45; failed attacks by Leningrad Front and Volkhov Front forces to lift the Siege of Leningrad

Volkhov Front

VOLKHOV FRONT, joint USSR armed forces from the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45, which operated in the Leningrad and Novgorod regions. The front was formed on 17 December 1941 from left wing Leningrad front forces, and consisted of the 4th, 52nd

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