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Almaz Central Design Bureau

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ALMAZ Central Design Bureau, at 50 Varshavskaya Street, is the Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering (CDBME) of the Russian Shipbuilding Agency. It was formed in 1949 as the Special Design Bureau - 5; in 1956 it became the Central Design Bureau 5; in 1963 it became the Almaz CDBME, which joined CDB-5 and CDB-19 with an experimental plant; in the 1970-1990s it became the Almaz Production Enterprises; and in 2001 it received its present-day name and status as the leading Russian design bureau for military boats and small ships. The first missile boats in the world were designed and built there: small missile ships without comparison in the world, including the Gad-fly, the Hurricane, and the Sea Lion; amphibian landing boats and ships, including the Guitarfish, the Calamari, and the Gazelle; and the Bison, the biggest and the fastest landing ship in the world. Hundreds of guard boats and ships, armoured and monitor boats, as well as governmental yachts, were built by the bureau. A series of projects for 4th generation missile and guard cutters and corvettes was created in Almaz both for the Russian navy and for foreign clients.

Reference: Шляхтенко А. В. ЦМКБ "Алмаз" - 50 лет // Судостроение. 1999. № 4. С. 3-6.

I. Y. Baskakov.

Shlyakhtenko Alexander Vasilievich

Varshavskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 50

Шляхтенко А. В. ЦМКБ "Алмаз" – 50 лет // Судостроение, 1999

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