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Nekrasov Memorial Museum Apartment

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NEKRASOV MEMORIAL MUSEUM APARTMENT (36 Liteiny Avenue) is a branch of Pushkin All-Russian Museum. The museum was opened in 1946 with the participation of the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House) on the poet’s 125th anniversary. Nekrasov lived in the house of A. A. Kraevsky in 1857-77. The editorial offices of Sovremennik and Otechestvennye Zapiski journals were located in his flat (former flat No. 4). The interiors were reconstructed in accordance with the memoirs of the poet’s contemporaries and surviving pictures. In 1985, the rooms of I. I. Panaev's flat were joined with the exhibition premises after a renovation project. An area for temporary exhibitions was organised in the former flat of Kraevsky (former flat № 5). The exhibition shows Nekrasov’s personal belongings, manuscripts and first editions of his compositions, original photos, and a copy of Nekrasov’s deathbed portrait painted by I. N. Kramskoy. A considerable part of the exhibition is dedicated to Russian journalism of the 19th century. The museum organises professional conferences, and literature and music evenings on Fridays.

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Russian Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of
Sovremennik (Contemporary), journal
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All-Russian Pushkin Museum

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Nekrasov N. A. (1821-1877), poet

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