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The subject index / Rech (The Speech), newspaper

Rech (The Speech), newspaper

Categories / Press. Mass Media/Periodical Press/Newspapers

RECH (The Speech), daily newspaper on politics, economics and literature, operated as the central organ of the Constitutional Democratic Party (the Cadets). The paper appeared from February of 1906. The newspaper's editorial board, central office, dispatch room and printing house were located at 21 Zhukovsky Street. Y. B. Bak, N. K. Milyukov, V. D. Nabokov, I. I. Petrunkevich edited the newspaper at different periods. However its de facto editors were I. V. Hessen and P. N. Milyukov (also being the main author of political editorials). А. N. Benois, S. А. Vengerov, V. I. Vernadsky, I. M. Grevs, A. S. Izgoev, N. I. Kareev, S. F. Oldenburg, Pavel Struve, S. L. Frank, А. А. Shakhmatov, Т. L. Shchepkina-Kupernik along with scientists, politicians and cultural workers contributed for the newspaper. The Rech published the chronicle of the metropolitan, provincial and international life, analytical materials, covered cultural events. The paper also issued a number of supplements, the Illyustrirovannaya nedelya journal (1906), synopsis Gosudarstvennaya Duma, (1906-08), Yezhegodnik Gazety Rech (1912-16). In October of 1917 the Rech was closed by the Bolsheviks, and until August of 1918 appeared under the names Nasha Rech, Svobodnaya rech, Vek, Novaya rech, Nash vek.

D. N. Cherdakov.

Bak Yulian Borisovich
Frank Semen Lyudvigovich
Grevs Ivan Mikhailovich
Hessen Iosif Vladimirovich
Izgoev Alexander Solomonovich
Kareev Nikolay Ivanovich
Milyukov N.K.
Milyukov Pavel Nikolaevich
Nabokov Vladimir Dmitrievich
Oldenburg Sergey Fedorovich
Petrunkevich Ivan Ilyich
Shakhmatov Alexey Alexandrovich
Shchepkina-Kupernik Tatyana Lvovna
Struve Peter Berngardovich
Vengerov Semen Afanasievich
Vernadsky Vladimir Ivanovich

Zhukovskogo Street/Saint Petersburg, city, house 21

Benois А.N., (1870-1960), artist

BENOIS Alexander Nikolaevich (1870, St. Petersburg – 1960), painter, graphic artist, stage designer, art historian and critic. Son of N. L. Benois. He studied in K. I

Chukovsky K.I. (1882-1969), writer

CHUKOVSKY Korney Ivanovich (real name Nikolay Vasilievich Korneychukov) (1882, St. Petersburg - 1969), a children's poet, critic, literary expert and translator. He was the father of L.K. Chukovskaya. Chukovsky came to St. Petersburg in 1904

Hessen I. V. (1865/66-1943), public figure

HESSEN Iosif Vladimirovich (1865-1943), lawyer, public and political figure. In 1885 he enrolled at the Faculty of Law of the Petersburg University, and was arrested the same year for ties with People's Liberty and exiled to Ust-Sysolsk

Milyukov P.N. (1859-1943), statesman, historian

MILYUKOV Pavel Nikolaevich (1859-1943), statesman, historian, essayist, honorary doctor of Cambridge University (1916). He graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology of Moscow University in 1882. From 1886, he was a private tutor there

Nabokov Family

NABOKOV Family, noble family, known since the mid 17th century. Several family members are closely associated with St. Petersburg. Ivan Alexandrovich Nabokov (1787-1852, St Petersburg), Infantry General (1835), Adjutant General (1844)

Newspapers (entry)

NEWSPAPERS, russian gazeta from Italian gazzetta - small coin. The first periodical, that appeared in St. Petersburg was the Vedomosti (11 May 1711; previously it was published in Moscow; until 1719 in St. Petersburg and Moscow; from 1719 only in St

Petrunkevich I. I. (1844-1928), public figure

PETRUNKEVICH Ivan Ilyich (1844-1928) was a public figure and statesman. He was a father-in-law of Countess S.V. Panina. On graduating from the Faculty of Law of St

Political Parties (entry)

POLITICAL PARTIES, groups of people united by political opinions and goals fixed in party documents; possessing certain membership requirements, internal structure and types of activities stated in the regulations; relying on a certain social base

Sologub F.K. (1863-1927), writer

SOLOGUB Fedor (real name Teternikov Fedor Kuzmich) (1863, St. Petersburg - 1927, Leningrad), a poet, prose writer, playwright and translator. In 1882-92, after graduating from St