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Russian Geographical Society

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RUSSIAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, situated at 10 Grivtsova Lane. It was founded in 1845 on the initiative of Admiral F. P. Litke, Member of the Academy K. M. Ber, Admiral Baron F. P. Wrangel, and a number of other scientists. It was named the Russian Geographical Society in 1845-50, 1917-26, and since 1992, the Imperial Russian Geographical Society in 1850-1917, the State Geographical Society in 1926-38, the All-Union Geographical Society in 1938-45, and the Geographical Society of the USSR from 1946 to 1991. The society's initial task was to collect geographic, statistical, and ethnographic information on Russia and contiguous countries. With Grand Dukes Konstantin Nikolaevich and Nikolay Mikhailovich as the first chairmen in 1845-92 and 1892-1917, respectively, the society had a council as its governing body from 1850 with a president and vice-president at the head. It was actually headed by Vice-President Litke in 1845-50 and 1857-73, Count M. N. Muravyev in 1850-57, P. P. Semenov-Tyan-Shansky in 1873-1914, and Member of the Academy Y. M. Shokalsky in 1914-31, the latter elected the chairman for the first time. It was then run by Member of the Academy N. I. Vavilov in 1931-40, Member of the Academy L. S. Berg in 1940-50, Member of the Academy E. N. Pavlovsky in 1952-64, Member of the Academy S. V. Kalesnik in 1964-77, Member of the Academy A. F. Treshnikov in 1977-91, Professor S. B. Lavrov in 1991-2000, Professor Y. P. Seliverstov in 2000-02, and Admiral A. A. Komaritsyn since 2002. The society had regional branches established over Russia from 1850. It has had a congress as its superior body since 1933, which is convened every five years. The society joined the International Geographical Union in 1956. Today, it is an All-Russian public organisation uniting geographers, geography teachers, and scientists interested in the findings of geographical research. Its major goals include contributing to the development of the geographical science, popularising its progress, and putting it into practice. The central organisation is situated in its own house in St. Petersburg, built by architect G. V. Baranovsky in 1907-09. Operating in the building are archives, a museum, library, and the Shokalsky Central Lecture Hall. The society has been publishing a journal, Izvestia RGO (The News of the Russian Geographical Society), since 1865. Since 1999, it also has the Centre of Geographical Research attached to it.

Reference: Семенов-Тян-Шанский П. П. История полувековой деятельности Императорского Русского географического общества, 1845-1895: В 3 ч. СПб., 1896; Русское географическое общество: 150 лет / Э. М. Мурзаев и др. М., 1995.

L. I. Yarukova.

Baranovsky Gavriil Vasilievich
Ber Karl Maximovich
Berg Lev Semenovich
Kalesnik Stanislav Vikentievich
Komaritsyn Anatoly Alexandrovich
Konstantin Nikolaevich, Grand Prince
Lavrov Sergey Borisovich
Litke Fedor Petrovich
Muravyev Mikhail Nikolaevich
Nikolay Mikhailovich, Grand Prince
Pavlovsky Evgeny Nikolaevich
Seliverstov Yury Petrovich
Semenov-Tyan-Shansky (real name Semenov) Peter Petrovich
Shokalsky Yuly Mikhailovich
Treshnikov Alexey Fedorovich
Vavilov Nikolay Ivanovich
Wrangel Ferdinand Petrovich

Grivtsova Lane/Saint Petersburg, city, house 10

Семенов-Тян-Шанский П. П. История полувековой деятельности Императорского Русского географического общества, 1845 - 1895: В 3 ч. СПб., 1896
Русское географическое общество: 150 лет / Э. М. Мурзаев и др. М., 1995


Admiralteisky District

ADMIRALTEISKY DISTRICT, (Admiralty) an administrative territorial unit of St. Petersburg (Its territory administration is located at 10 Izmailovsky Avenue), is one of the central districts of the city

Ber K.M., (1792-1876), naturalist

BER Karl Maximovich (1792-1876), naturalist, Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1828, Honorary Member since 1862). Graduated from Derpt University (1814). From 1817, worked at Koenigsberg University. Invited to St

Berg L.S., (1876-1950), biologist and geographer

BERG Lev Semenovich (1876-1950, Leningrad), geographer, biologist, Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1946). Graduated from Moscow University in 1898. In 1904-13, worked at the Zoological Museum of the Academy of Sciences in St

Dal V. I. (1801-1872), writer, ethnographer, lexicographer, doctor

DAL Vladimir Ivanovich (1801-1872), writer, ethnographer, lexicographer, doctor, Corresponding Member of Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1838). He graduated from the Naval Military School (1819) and from the Faculty of Medicine of Derpt University

Findeizen N.F., (1868-1928), musician

FINDEIZEN Nikolay Fedorovich (1868, St. Petersburg - 1928), music critic, historian of the Russian music, music figure. Graduated from the Commercial School, took music lessons in composition from N.A. Sokolov (1890-92)

Grivtsova Lane

GRIVTSOVA LANE, running from the Moyka River Embankment to Sennaya Square. Starting in 1739, the lane was known as Malaya Sarskaya Street. From the 1770s to 1871, the section extending to the Ekaterininsky Canal was called Konny Lane

Isidor (Nikolsky) (1799-1892), Metropolitan of Novgorod and St. Petersburg 1860-1892

ISIDOR (born Iakov Sergeevich Nikolsky) (1799-1892, St. Petersburg), religious figure, honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1857). After graduating from St

Kalesnik S.V., (1901-1977), geographer

KALESNIK Stanislav Vikentievich (1901, St. Petersburg - 1977, Leningrad), geographer, Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1968). Graduated from the Leningrad State University (1929), of which he became a professor in 1939

Kiselev P.D. (1788-1872), statesman

KISELEV Pavel Dmitrievich (1788-1872), count (1839), statesman and military leader, Infantry General (1834), Adjutant General (1823), Honorary Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1855). The uncle of D. A. Milyutin and N. A. Milyutin

Komarov V.L., (1869-1945), botanist

KOMAROV Vladimir Leontyevich (1869, St. Petersburg - 1945), botanist and geographer, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1920), Vice-President (1930-36) and President (1936-45) of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR

Konstantin Nikolaevich (1827-1892), Grand Prince

KONSTANTIN NIKOLAEVICH (1827, St. Petersburg - 1892, Pavlovsk), Grand Prince, General Admiral (1831), Adjutant General (1852), honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1844), member of the State Assembly (1850)

Kropotkin P.A., (1842-1921), revolutionary, geographer and geologist

KROPOTKIN Peter Alexeevich (1842-1921), duke, ideologist of anarchism, sociologist, historian, geographer, and geologist. A member of the ancient family of dukes deriving lineage from the Rurikid Dynasty

Krusenstern I.F. (1770-1846), navigator

KRUSENSTERN Ivan Fedorovich (1770-1846), navigator, corresponding member (1803), honorary member (1806) of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, Admiral. (1842). Graduated from the Naval Cadet School (1787)

Lavrov S.B. (1928 - 2000), geographer

LAVROV Sergey Borisovich (1928, Leningrad - 2000, St. Petersburg), geographer, received a Ph.D. (geography) in 1968 and Honoured Worker of Science of the Russian Federation in 1998

Libraries (entry)

LIBRARIES. The first library of St. Petersburg was founded in 1714 by the decree of Tsar Peter the Great as His Majesty’s Library; later on, it formed the basis of the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Litke F.P. (1797-1882), navigator and geographer

LITKE Fedor Petrovich (1797 - 1882, St. Petersburg), Count (1866), navigator and geographer, explorer of the Arctic, Admiral (1855), Associate Member (1829), Honorary Fellow (1855) and eventually President (1864) of the St

Miklukho-Maclay N.N., (1846-1888), ethnographer

MIKLUKHO-MACLAY Nikolay Nikolaevich (1846-1888, St. Petersburg), traveller, ethnographer, anthropologist, biologist. Spent his childhood in St. Petersburg, then, from 1863 to 1864

Milutin D.A., (1816-1912), Field-Marshal General, statesman

MILUTIN Dmitry Alexeevich (1816-1912), count (from 1878), statesman and military leader, historian and author of memoirs, Field Marshal General (1898), Adjutant General (1859), Honorary Fellow of the St

Milyutin N.A. (1818-1872), statesman

MILYUTIN Nikolay Alexeevich (1818-1872), statesman, Privy Councillor (1860), Secretary of State (1864), brother of D. A. Milyutin. Upon graduating from the Noble Boarding School of Moscow University (1835)

Nikolay Mikhailovich (1859-1919), Grand Prince

NIKOLAY MIKHAILOVICH (1859, Tsarskoe Selo - 1919, Petrograd), Grand Prince, general of infantry (1913), adjutant general (1903), honorary member of Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1898)

Przhevalsky N.M., (1839-1888), geographer

PRZHEVALSKY Nikolay Mikhailovich (1839-1888), geographer, major general (1886), member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1878), honorary citizen of St. Petersburg (1880). He graduated from the Academy of the General Staff in 1863

Religious and Philosophical Assemblies

RELIGIOUS AND PHILOSOPHICAL ASSEMBLIES, held from November 1901 to April 1903 in the hall of the Russian Geographical Society at 2 Chernysheva Square (today, Lomonosova Square). They were started on the initiative of D. S. Merezhkovsky, Z. N

Russian Academy of Sciences

RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, the highest scientific institution in Russia. It was founded in St. Petersburg after Emperor Peter the Great's project for the academy was approved by the Senate on 28 January 1724

Semenov-Tyan-Shansky P.P., (1827-1914), geographer

SEMENOV-TYAN-SHANSKY (real name Semenov) Peter Petrovich (1827, St. Petersburg - 1914, Petrograd), geographer, statistician, public figure and statesman, honorary member of the St

Shokalsky Y.М., (1856-1940), geographer

SHOKALSKY Yuly Mikhailovich (1856, St. Petersburg - 1940, Leningrad), geographer, corresponding member and honorary Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1923 and 1939, respectively, honoured worker of Science of Russia in 1928

Treshnikov А.F. (1914-1991), geographer

TRESHNIKOV Alexey Fedorovich (1914-1991, St. Petersburg), geographer, oceanologist, polar explorer, member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR from 1981 and Hero of Socialist Labour in 1949. He graduated from Leningrad State University in 1939

Tsylov N.I. (1799 or 1801-1879), Cartographer

TSYLOV Nikolay Ivanovich (1799, Peterhof - 1879, St. Petersburg) cartographer and topographer, Major-General (1860). Tsylov graduated from the First Cadets Corps in St. Petersburg in 1817. Served in the Caucasus in 1817-20

Vavilov N.I., (1887-1943), biologist

VAVILOV Nikolay Ivanovich (1887-1943), geneticist, plant-breeder, science official, public figure, Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1929), Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (1929)

VOEYKOV A.I., (1842-1916), climatologist, geographer

Voeykov Alexander Ivanovich (1842-1916), climatologist and geographer, founder of climatology in Russia, Corresponding Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1910)

Witte S.Y. (1849-1915), statesman

WITTE Sergey Yulievich (1849-1915, П.), count (1905), statesman, Actual Privy Counsellor (1899), Secretary of State (1896), Honorary Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1893)