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Ves Peterburg (Entire St. Petersburg)

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VES PETERBURG (Entire St. Petersburg), yellow and white pages directory, was published annually by the A. S. Suvorin (Publishing) Society in 1894-1917 (in 1914-17 was known as Ves Petrograd by the analogy with the directory Vsya Moskva, published since 1872 and St. Petersburg Directory, 1892-1902; editor P. O. Yablonsky). Ves Peterburg published commercial advertisements of Russian and foreign companies, which had offices in St. Petersburg, information on the royal family, lists of directors and employers of state and municipal administration establishments with addresses and other information on their activities, information on churches and monasteries of St. Petersburg, academic institutions of all assigned authorities and ranks, cultural establishments (supplied with theatre halls layouts), sports, industrial enterprises, public organisations, city and national communications facilities and freight traffic activities with tariff indications, duties, time-schedules etc. A special section contained alphabetic lists of city residents, who shared personal information on their own accord, indicating their social status, profession, place of work, address, telephone number. The final section contained a list of households with their location on the schematic city route plans, a list of household in the St. Petersburg district (uezd), police stations dispositions. The introductory part provided annually updated alphabetic lists of institutions, transport routes and professions with a reference to the corresponding pages in the main part, as well as a historic and statistical city digest (of special interest is V. I. Pokrovsky's feature article, published in the Ves Peterburg in 1901 and 1903). A concise version of the directory came out in 1922-23, in the original format, called Ves Leningrad (The Entire Leningrad) - in 1924-27, 1931 and 1935. The Ves Peterburg directory is a valuable source for local historical research. Since 1993 a telephone directory under the same title has been annually published (publisher - Publishing House PRESSKOM), including the telephone numbers and addresses of municipal and city district authorities, enterprises, companies and others, as well as historic information on St. Petersburg, detailed city maps, classification and index.

A. F. Veksler.

Pokrovsky Vasily Ivanovich
Suvorin Alexey Sergeevich
Yablonsky P.O.

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