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The subject index / Grazhdanin (Citizen), journal newspaper, 1872-1914

Grazhdanin (Citizen), journal newspaper, 1872-1914

Categories / Press. Mass Media/Periodical Press/Magazines
Categories / Press. Mass Media/Periodical Press/Newspapers

GRAZHDANIN (Citizen), a journal on politics and literature which appeared in 1872-79 and 1882-1914 three times a week, and in 1888-95 as a daily. It was founded on private donations and with the support of Grand Prince Alexander Alexandrovich (future Emperor Alexander III) and published by its major contributor Prince V. P. Meshchersky. Among the journals constantly changing editors was F. M. Dostoevsky who held the position from 1873 until 1874; he published in the Grazhdanin his Diary of a Writer, also contributing to the weekly political review. Throughout its life time Grazhdanin published works of K. P. Pobedonostsev, N. N. Strakhov, А. F. Pisemsky, N. S. Leskov, А. N. Maykov, Y. P. Polonsky, А. N. Apukhtin et al. The publicists of Grazhdanin engaged in harsh polemics with the liberal newspapers Golos and Sankt Peterburgskie Vedomosti, calling for discontinuation of the reforms and the extension of political rights of the nobility, as the throne's prop. This stance won Grazhdanin the reputation of an extremely conservative publication, close to the government circles. Upon Meshchersky's death it was shut down. From 1873 the editorial office was located at 77 Nevsky Prospect.

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A. B. Muratov.

Alexander III, Emperor
Apukhtin Alexey Nikolaevich
Dostoevsky Fedor Mikhailovich
Leskov Nikolay Semenovich
Maykov Apollon Nikolaevich
Meshchersky Vladimir Petrovich, Duke
Pisemsky Alexey Feofilaktovich
Pobedonostsev Konstantin Petrovich
Polonsky Yakov Petrovich
Strakhov Nikolay Nikolaevich

Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city, house 77

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Golos (The Voice), newspaper, 1863-1884
Sankt Peterburgskie Vedomosti (St. Petersburg Gazette), newspaper

Dostoevsky F. M. (1821-1881), writer

DOSTOEVSKY Fedor Mikhaylovich (1821-1881, St. Petersburg), writer, corresponding member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1877). In 1837 came to St. Petersburg

Literary journals (entry)

LITERARY JOURNALS. The genesis of the Russian literary journalism is associated with St. Petersburg, where in 1728-36 and 1738-42 circulated first and only journal in the Russian language at that time - Primechaniya k Vedomostyam (the name changed)

Newspapers (entry)

NEWSPAPERS, russian gazeta from Italian gazzetta - small coin. The first periodical, that appeared in St. Petersburg was the Vedomosti (11 May 1711; previously it was published in Moscow; until 1719 in St. Petersburg and Moscow; from 1719 only in St