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Krasnaya Strela High-class Service Train

KRASNAYA STRELA high-class service train is the first high-class service train in the Russian railway system, travelling along Oktyabrskaya Railway between Moscow and St. Petersburg (Route #1 from St. Petersburg, and Route #2 from Moscow)

Krasnaya Zarya, plant

KRASNAYA ZARYA (60 Bolshoy Sampsonievsky Avenue), open joint-stock company, for many years was one of the leading companies in the area of development and production of telephone equipment

Krasnenkaya, river

KRASNENKAYA, a river in the south-west of St. Petersburg, flowing through Avtovo District and Yugo-Zapad District. The name of the river dates back to 1773, when it was known as Krasnaya Rechka

Krasnoarmeiskie Streets, First - Thirteenth

KRASNOARMEISKAYA STREETS, FIRST - THIRTEENTH (until 1923, the First - Twelfth Roty, and Zarotnaya Street). First - Seventh Krasnoarmeiskaya Streets are located between Moskovsky Avenue and Izmailovsky Avenue; Eighth Krasnoarmeiskaya Street

Krasnoe Selo, area

KRASNOE SELO, a town; since 1973, it formed a part of Krasnoselsky District of Leningrad; since 1997 - municipal unit; 26 km to the south-west of St. Petersburg centre, on Narva federal motorway. A railway station on the line St

Krasnoe Znamya, factory

KRASNOE ZNAMYA (25 Krasnogo Kursanta Street), open joint-stock company, enterprise manufacturing knitted goods. It was founded in 1855 by French merchant I.O. Natus, in 1866 it was bought by German merchant F.V. Kersten, after whose death (1884) E.P

Krasnogo Kursanta Bridge

KRASNOGO KURSANTA BRIDGE (until 1923 Kadetsky Bridge; on the origin see Krasnogo Kursanta Street), over the Zhdanovka River, links Petrovsky Avenue with Zhdanovskaya Embankment

Krasnogo Kursanta Street

KRASNOGO KURSANTA STREET (until 1923, Bolshaya Spasskaya Street), located between Bolshoy Avenue of the Petrogradskaya Side and Novoladozhskaya Street. Appeared in the 1720s, in what was then the Nevsky Garrison Regiment settlement (until 1727

Krasnogvardeysky District

KRASNOGVARDEYSKY DISTRICT is an administrative territorial unit of St. Petersburg. (Its territory administration is located at 52 Sredneokhtinsky Avenue). It was established in 1973. It was named in honour of the Petrograd Red Guards

Krasnoputilovskaya Street

KRASNOPUTILOVSKAYA STREET, running from Komsomolskaya Square to Pobedy Square, passing through the Avtovo area, the former Vologodskaya-Yamskaya Settlement, the Alexandrovskaya Settlement, and Srednaya Rogatka

Krasnoselsky Camp

KRASNOSELSKY CAMP, military field camp, where annually from May 1 to August 2-4, the Guards, Military Academic Schools and other units, encamped for field training and manoeuvres

Krasnoselsky District

KRASNOSELSKY DISTRICT is an administrative territorial unit of St. Petersburg. (Its territory administration is located at 3 Partizana Germana Street) Its present day borders were established in 1973. It was named after the town of Krasnoe Selo

Krasny Bridge

KRASNY (RED) BRIDGE (until 1808 Bely – white, on account of its colour), over the Moika River, on Gorokhovaya Street. There are records of a wooden bridge in the city plan of 1717. In 1737, there existed a timber bridge with a navigation channel

Krasny Canal

KRASNY CANAL (Red Canal) was built between the Moika River and the Bolshaya Neva River in 1711 to drain the territory. It passed approximately along the western part of the Field of Mars

Krasny Kabachok, tavern

KRASNY KABACHOK ("Red Pub"). A tavern located on the 7th Verst of Petergofskaya Road. Named after Krasnenkaya Road, it was located at the building constructed for Tsar Peter I in the early 18th century as a rest-stop on his way to Strelna and

Krasny Treugolnik, plant

KRASNY TREUGOLNIK (138 Obvodny Canal Embankment), an open joint-stock company, an enterprise making footwear from polymer materials. It was founded in 1860 by Hamburg merchant F

Krasny Vyborzhets, Plant

KRASNY VYBORZHETS (12 Sverdlovskaya Embankment), open joint-stock company, one of the leading enterprises in the country manufacturing non-ferrous metals. It was founded in 1857 by F. F. Gauch, was later bought by merchant K. F

Krasnye Zori

KRASNYE ZORI, a locality in the East of Petrodvortsovy District between Strelna and New Peterhof, also a railway platform along the Baltiyskaya Railway Line. The name derives from Krasnye Zori labour settlement school

Krasnye Zori, the School-Colony

KRASNYE ZORI (Red Lovages), an agricultural school colony, established by pedagogue and innovator I. V. Ionin (1893-1939) in 1919 in the village Mikhailovka near Strelna

Krasovsky A.F. (1848-1918), architect

KRASOVSKY Alexander Fedorovich (1848-1918), architect. In 1865-70, he studied at the architectural department of Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. In 1871-72, he went on to study at the St

Krasovsky M.V. (1851-1911), entrepreneur, public and political figure

KRASOVSKY Mikhail Vasilievich (1851-1911), public and political figure, entrepreneur, privy counsellor (1893). Graduated from the Faculty of Law of Kiev University (1871), from 1872 in St

Kravchinsky S.M. (1851-1895), revolutionary, writer

KRAVCHINSKY Sergey Mikhailovich (pen name Stepnyak) (1851-1895) revolutionary, writer. In St. Petersburg from 1867. On graduating from the Mikhailovsky Artillery College (1870) he was sent as a lieutenant to the artillery but resigned shortly

Kravkov N.P., (1865-1924), pharmacologist

KRAVKOV Nikolay Pavlovich (1865-1924, Petrograd), one of the founders of Soviet pharmacology, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1920. He graduated from St. Petersburg University in 1888 and the Army Medical Academy in 1892

Krestovka, river

KRESTOVKA, a river in the north-west of St. Petersburg, a channel from Malaya Nevka to Srednyaya Nevka. The river separates Kamenny Island and Krestovsky Island. It is 0

Krestovsky Bridges

KRESTOVSKY BRIDGES, two bridges on Krestovsky Island. Malo-Krestovsky Bridge across the Krestovka River, along Dinamo Avenue joins Krestovsky and Kamenny islands

Krestovsky Island

KRESTOVSKY ISLAND (Cross Island), situated between the Srednaya Nevka River separating it from Elagin Island, the Malaya Nevka River separating it from Petrovsky Island, Petrogradsky Island, Aptekarsky Island

Krestovsky Vs. V. (1839-1895), writer

KRESTOVSKY Vsevolod Vladimirovich (1839-1895), poet, prose writer. In 1850-57 studied in the First Petersburg Gymnasium, in 1857-61 studied at the Faculty of Law of Petersburg University (did not graduate)

Kresty Prison.

KRESTY (Crosses) (5-7 Arsenalnaya Embankment/ 8 Komsomola Street), a colloquial name of St. Petersburg solitary confinement prison. It was built in 1884-90 (architect A.O

Krichinsky S. S., (1874-1923), architect

KRICHINSKY Stepan Samoilovich (1874-1923), architect. After graduating from the Civil Engineers' Institute in 1897, he held a post in the Central Directorate for Irregular Duties

Krivaya Damba

KRIVAYA DAMBA (Curved Dam) is an artificial island bent in its plan (hence the name). It appeared during the construction of the Commercial Sea Port of St. Petersburg in 1870s. It is about one kilometre long and a maximum of 100 metres wide

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