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Tarakanovka, river

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TARAKANOVKA, a river in the west of St. Petersburg, a tributary to the Ekaterinhofka River. Its original name was Metalovka, probably after the iron foundry situated on its bank, while the modern name dates back to 1785 and refers to the family name of the landowners, Tarakanov. The river was also known as Checherenovka until 1849, which must pertain to the name of landowner Chicherin. Due to the heavy pollution of the water, most of the channel of the Tarakanovka was filled in: the length of the river between the Fontanka and Obvodny Canal in 1906 and below Obvodny Canal in the 1920s. The preserved lower section of the river is 1.1 kilometres long and 25-30 metres wide, with the depth ranging form 0.5 metres to 1.5 metres. The main confluent of the Tarakanovka, the Tentelevka (Olkhovka) River, was also filled in. The remainders of the river converge with Bumazhny Canal, which flows from the Ekaterinhofka River, in the area of Perekopskaya Street and Sutugin Bridge. The Molvinsky Bridge crosses the Tarakanovka in the alignment of Liflyandskaya Street; The Molvinskaya Column, made of polished granite, rises near the bridge, being a remnant of the bygone attire of the park of Ekaterinhof. The park itself stretches out along the right bank of the river, while the left bank accommodates Kirovets Stadium, a recreation zone and industrial buildings.

Y. P. Seliverstov.

Chicherin Nikolay Ivanovich

Liflyandskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Perekopskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city