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Addresses / Liflyandskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Bumazhny Bridge

BUMAZHNY BRIDGE, across Bumazhny Canal (Paper Canal), by Liflyandskaya Street. A wooden bridge was constructed here by 1795, in 1823 it was rebuilt (engineers A.A. Bethencourt, B. Clapeyron, P.P

Bumazhny Canal

Bumazhny Canal (Paper Canal) was dug between the Ekaterinhofka River and the Tarakanovka River for practical purposes in the second half of the 18th century. It bears its name from the Ekaterinhof Cotton Mill (today

Ekaterinhofsky Island

EKATERINHOFSKY ISLAND washed by the Ekaterinhofka River, Tarakanovka River, and Bumazhny Canal. It is 40 hectares in area and 700 metres long and wide. The island formed after Bumazhny Canal was built in the second half of the 18th century

Molvinsky Bridge

MOLVINSKY BRIDGE, over the Tarakanovka River, links Liflyandskaya Street and Kalinina Street. Received its name from the summer cottage of merchant Y.N. Molvo. From the late 18th century at this spot was a timber beam bridge

Tarakanovka, river

TARAKANOVKA, a river in the west of St. Petersburg, a tributary to the Ekaterinhofka River. Its original name was Metalovka, probably after the iron foundry situated on its bank

Toponymy of St. Petersburg

TOPONYMY OF ST. PETERSBURG, a corpus of names of geographical points situated on the territory of St. Petersburg. Names of rivers, islands, and villages located on the city's future territory appeared long before its foundation