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Pesochny, settlement

Categories / City Topography/Historical Geography/Vacation Houses, Spas and Resorts

PESOCHNY, a former settlement, since 1998, a municipal unit within the Kurortny District of Saint Petersburg; 23 kilometres northwest of the city centre; on the Chernaya River, 7 kilometres away from its inflow into Lake Sestroretsky Razliv. As of 2002, the population was approximately 8,000 people. The territory's development began upon construction of the railway to Vyborg in 1870. In the 1880s, a brick plant was opened. From 1902, the Vyazemsky Princes and the Stenbock-Fermor Counts began to contract out land along the Chernaya River for individual development (at the same time, a general development plan was approved for the Grafskaya Kolonia on the left bank and for Dibuny Village on the right bank). Two new railway stations, built in 1912, turned Grafskaya into a popular holiday spot. In 1938, Pesochny was given its present name and status of an urban area. In 1941-44, fierce battles took place just west of Pesochny, and the settlement accommodated rear army guards. In the 1960s, a residential settlement for scientists and their families was built near the Oncology and Roentgenoradiology Science and Research Institutes.

Е. А. Bondarchuk, P. Y. Yudin.

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