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Entries / Market Buildings (entry)

Market Buildings (entry)

Categories / Architecture/Architectural Monuments/Public Buildings and Edifices

1850 MARKET BUILDINGS of St. Petersburg. Climatic conditions of St. Petersburg led to appearance of covered trade rows. A number of stone market buildings were erected at the end of the 1780s. These markets consisted of identical rows of shops around the block; each of the shops could be accessed from the outside open arched gallery. There was another entrance to each of the shops from the inner court-yard; a staircase in each shop led to the second floor. Buildings of Nikolsky Market (62 Sadovaya Street), Andreevsky Market (9 Sixth Line of Vasilievsky Island) and the Krugly Market (3 Moika River Embankment) were built according to the design of architect J. Quarenghi. The building of Yamskoy Market was built in 1817-19 at 53 Marata Street by architect V. P. Stasov. It was a triangular building with a small inner court-yard; the surrounding galleries on the facades were shaped as colonnades (not arcades) of the Doric order. The building of the Shchukin Market consisted of two lines of stone shops under a common glass roof built in 1841-42 in the corner of Sadovaya Street and Chernyshev Lane (today Lomonosova Street) (not preserved). The four spacious buildings of Sennoy Market were built in 1883-85 of iron and glass by architect I. S. Kitner, and engineers G. E. Pauker and O. E. Krell on the spot of the former hay market which had existed since 1737 (hence the name Sennaya Square), they were disassembled in the 1930s. Kuznechny Market was built in 1925-27 (3 Kuznechny Lane, architects S. I. Ovsyannikov and A. S. Pronin). Its building has an inner courtyard with counters located around the perimeter. The central entrance has a rusticated joint and a sculpture of the worker and the peasant by sculptor V. F. Razumovsky and a clock tower. Maltsevsky Market (52 Nekrasova Street, 1955-60, architect S. I. Evdokimov, engineer A. P. Morozov) with ferrocement overlapping, Pravoberezhny Market (16 Dybenko Street, 1982-83, architects Y. I. Zemtsov, D. M. Schor, M. I. Rabinovich) with stylized traditional arcades made of present-day construction materials, and other market buildings were built after the war.

A. A. Alexeev.

Evdokimov Sergey Ivanovich
Kitner Ieronim Sevastianovich
Krell Otton Egorovich
Morozov Alexey Petrovich
Ovsyannikov Sergey Osipovich (Iosifovich)
Pauker German Egorovich (Herman Julius Georg) von
Pronin Arseny Semenovich
Quarenghi Giacomo
Rabinovich Miron Ilyich
Razumovsky Vasily Flegontovich
Stasov Vasily Petrovich
Zemtsov Yury Isaevich

6th Line of Vasilievsky Island/Saint Petersburg, city, house 9
Dybenko Street/Saint Petersburg, city, house 16
Kuznechny Lane/Saint Petersburg, city, house 3
Lomonosova St./Saint Petersburg, city
Marata St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 53
Moika River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 3
Nekrasova St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 52
Sadovaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 62
Sadovaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Sennaya Square/Saint Petersburg, city