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Entries / Chiz and Yezh (Siska and Hedgehog), journals

Chiz and Yezh (Siska and Hedgehog), journals

Categories / Press. Mass Media/Periodical Press/Magazines

CHIZH and YEZH (Siska and Hedgehog), children's monthly journals, published by members of Marshak's editorial board (S. Y. Marshak, N. М. Oleynikov, also the journal's editor, Е. L. Schwarz et al.). The Yezh (Ezhemesyachny zhurnal) appeared in 1928-35 (in 1930-32 circulated as a biweekly), was aimed at the school-age children, whereas the Chizh (Chrezvychayno Interesny Zhurnal), which was an exceptionally interesting journal, was circulated in January 1930 - June 1941 (initially as the supplement to the Yezh until 1932 under G. Dietrich's editorship), and intended for much younger readers. The Chizh and Yezh played a major role in the development of Russian children's literature, with the intention of boosting children's inquisitiveness, curiosity about life in all of its aspects, perception of nature, artistic taste and a feeling for language. It published, among others, the works of K. I. Chukovsky, V. V. Bianki, B. S. Zhitkov, Schwarz, Oleynikov, D. Kharms, А. I. Vvedensky, U. D. Vladimirov, М. М. Zoshchenko, М. М. Prishvin, Olga Berggolts, Y. P. German, L. Panteleev, А. N. Tolstoy, N. А. Zabolotsky, V. V. Mayakovsky. Considerable attention was paid to the pictorial content with a contribution of artists whose illustrations became a classical graphic design paradigm of children's publications: V. V. Lebedev, V. М. Konashevich, N. А. Tyrsa, Е. I. Charushin, А. F. Pakhomov, N. E. Radlov et al. The editorial office was accommodated in the House of Books. The Yezh journal also supported the activities of a children's creative studio.

References: Рахтанов И. А. Рассказы по памяти. 3-е изд., доп. М., 1971. С. 109-144; Олейников А. Н. Поэт и его время // Олейников Н. М. Пучина страстей. Л., 1990. С. 26-50.

T. M. Dvinyatina.

Bergholz Olga Fedorovna
Bianki Vitaly Valentinovich
Charushin Evgeny Ivanovich
Chukovsky Korney Ivanovich
German Yury Pavlovich
Kharms Daniil (real name Yuvachev Daniil Ivanovich)
Konashevich Vladimir Mikhailovich
Lebedev Vladimir Vasilievich
Marshak Samuil Yakovlevich
Mayakovsky Vladimir Vladimirovich
Oleynikov Nikolay Makarovich
Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich
Panteleev L. (real name Eremeev Alexey Ivanovich)
Prishvin Mikhail Mikhailovich
Radlov Nikolay Ernestovich
Schwarz Evgeny Lvovich
Tolstoy Alexey Nikolaevich
Tyrsa Nikolay Andreevich
Vladimirov Yury Dmitrievich
Vvedensky Alexander Ivanovich
Zabolotsky Nikolay Alexeevich
Zhitkov Boris Stepanovich
Zoschenko Mikhail Mikhailovich

Рахтанов И. А. Рассказы по памяти. 3-е изд., доп. М., 1971
Олейников А. Н. Поэт и его время // Олейников Н. М. Пучина страстей. Л., 1990

Bianki V.V. (1894-1959), writer

BIANKI Vitaly Valentinovich (1894, St. Petersburg - 1959, Leningrad), prose writer. He studied at Natural Sciences Department of Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Petrograd University (did not finish)

Ermolaeva Vera Mikhailovna (1893-1937), artist

ERMOLAEVA Vera Mikhailovna (1893-1937), painter, graphic artist and book illustrator. She studied at the painting school of Mikhail Bernstein (1911-14) and the Archeology Institute (1914-17)

Glebova Т.N. (1900-1985), artist

GLEBOVA Tatyana Nikolaevna (1900, St. Petersburg - 1985), painter and graphic artist. She studied in A. I. Savinov's studio in 1924-25 and under P. N. Filonov from 1925

Kharms D. (1905-1942), writer

KHARMS Daniil (real name Yuvachev Daniil Ivanovich; also known under the pen-names Charms, Dandan, Shardam, Karl Ivanovich Shusterling) (1905, St. Petersburg - 1942, Leningrad), a poet, prose writer and playwright

Literary journals (entry)

LITERARY JOURNALS. The genesis of the Russian literary journalism is associated with St. Petersburg, where in 1728-36 and 1738-42 circulated first and only journal in the Russian language at that time - Primechaniya k Vedomostyam (the name changed)

Marshak S.Y. (1887-1964), poet, translator

MARSHAK Samuil Yakovlevich (1887-1964), poet, translator, playwright. In 1902-04 studied in the Third Petersburg Gymnasium. On returning to St. Petersburg from Yalta in 1907, he contributed to Satirikon and other journals

Oleynikov N.M. (1898-1937), writer

OLEYNIKOV Nikolay Makarovich (pen-names Makar Svirepy, Nikolay Makarov, Sergey Kravtsov) (1898-1937, Leningrad), writer, journalist. Studied at Kamensk Teachers College. Took part in the Civil War. From 1925 lived in Leningrad

Pakhomov A.F., (1900-1973), Artist

PAKHOMOV Alexey Fedorovich (1900-1973, Leningrad) graphic artist, painter, people's artist of the USSR (1971), full member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR (1964). Lived in Petrograd from 1915

Panteleev L. (1908-1989), writer

PANTELEEV L. (real name Eremeev Alexey Ivanovich) (1908, St. Petersburg - 1989, Leningrad), writer. He was born at 140 Fontanka River Embankment (the building has not been preserved) in the family of an officer, who was granted a hereditary title

Rylov A.A., (1870-1939), Artist

RYLOV Arkady Alexandrovich (1870-1939, Leningrad) artist, honoured worker of arts of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1935). He was trained at the Central School of Technical Drawing from 1888 to 1891 and at the Academy of Arts from

Schwarz E.L.(1896-1858), playwright

SCHWARZ Evgeny Lvovich (1896-1958, Leningrad), playwright and prose writer. He studied at the Faculty of Law of Moscow University in 1914-16, although he did not graduate

Sterligov Vl.V. (1904-1973), painter

STERLIGOV Vladimir Vasilievich (1904-1973, Petrodvorets), painter. Sterligov studied the principles of cubism and suprematism in K.S. Malevich State Institute of Artistic Culture (1926). Together with V.M. Ermolaeva, K.K. Rozhdestvensky and L.A

Zabolotsky N.A. (1903-1958), poet

ZABOLOTSKY Nikolay Alexeevich (1903-1958), poet, translator. In Petrograd from 1921. Graduated from Faculty of Social Economy (Department of Language and Literature) of the Herzen Leningrad State Pedagogic Institute (1925)