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Youth Union

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YOUTH UNION, a society of artists established by former members of the group Treugolnik (Elena Guro, Mikhail Matyushin, Eduard Spandikov, Iosif Shkolnik, Savely Schleifer, et al). The Youth Union was chaired by Eduard Spandikov (1910-13) and by L.I. Zheverzheev (from 1913). The meetings were held at the Union's studio (3 Zamyatin Lane). Members of the Youth Union represented a broad spectrum of creative searching, ranging from moderate innovation to cubism, futurism and orphism. The Union's exhibitions (1910-14, St. Petersburg; 1910, Riga; 1912, Moscow) presented the works of Natan Altman, V.D. Bubnov, David Burlyuk, Peter Lvov, Kazimir Malevich, Vladimir Markov, Ilya Mashkov, Olga Rozanova, E.Y. Sagaydachny, Vladimir Tatlin, Pavel Filonov, and Mark Chagall. The Union organized disputes, lectures, theatre performances (like that of the tragedy Vladimir Mayakovsky and Alexander Kruchenykh's opera Victory Over the Sun, music by Mikhail Matyushin, staged in the Luna-Park theatre, 1913), published books and collected articles under the same name (vol. 1-3, 1912-13). In 1914, the Union stopped its work, but formally existed until 1917, when it made several ineffective efforts to resume its exhibitions.

Reference: Любославская Т. Хроника объединения "Союз молодежи" // Искусство. 1990. № 9. С. 57-64; Крусанов А. В. Русский авангард, 1907-1932: Ист. обзор. СПб., 1996. Т. 1.

A. V. Krusanov.

Altman Natan Isaevich
Bubnova Vera Dmitrievna
Burlyuk David Davidovich
Chagall Marc Zakharovich
Filonov Pavel Nikolaevich
Guro Elena Genrikhovna
Kruchenykh Alexander (Alexey) Eliseevich
Lvov Peter Ivanovich
Malevich Kazimir Severinovich
Markov Vladimir I.
Mashkov Ilya Ivanovich
Matyushin Mikhail Vasilievich
Rozanova Olga Vladimirovna
Sagaydachny E.Y.
Schleifer Savely (Tsalia) Yakovlevich
Shkolnik Iosif Solomonovich
Spandikov Eduard К.
Tatlin Vladimir Evgrafovich
Zheverzheev Levky Ivanovich

Zamyatin Lane/Saint Petersburg, city, house 3

Любославская Т. Хроника объединения «Союз молодежи» // Искусство, 1990
Крусанов А. В. Русский авангард, 1907-1932: Ист. обзор. СПб., 1996

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Malevich K.S., (1878-1935), Artist

MALEVICH Kazimir Severinovich (1878-1935, Leningrad) artist, art theorist. He was trained at the studio of F. I. Rerberg (1905-10) in Moscow. He lived in Moscow until 1919. Had phases of enthusiasm for impressionism, primitivism, cubofuturism

Matyushin M.V. (1861-1934), Artist, Composer

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Treugolnik, creative association

TREUGOLNIK, the artistic psychological group Treugolnik was one of the first unions of Russian avant-garde artists. It was founded on the initiative of Nikolay Kulbin. Its members (M.E. Anders, Avgust Ballier, G.K