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Andreeva-Delmas L.A. (1884-1969), singer

ANDREEVA-DELMAS Lyubov Alexandrovna (nee Tishchinskaya; appeared under the stage name of Delmas, married name Andreeva) (1884-1969, Leningrad), opera singer (mezzo-soprano), chamber singer, and teacher. Studied at the St

Cemeteries (entry)

CEMETERIES. Even before the foundation of St. Petersburg there were several necropolises on the location of the future city: the records of the beginning of the 18th century indicate a Finnish-Swedish cemetery at Elagin (Aptekarsky) Island

Iofe V.V. (1938 - 2002), historian of nonconformity, public figure.

IOFE Veniamin Viktorovich (1938-2002, St. Petersburg), public figure, historian. Lived in Leningrad since 1938. Graduated from Leningrad Chemical Engineering Institute (1962)

Khomutetsky N.F., (1905-1973), architect and historian of architecture

KHOMUTETSKY Nikolay Fedorovich (1905-1973, Leningrad) architect, historian of architecture, Ph.D. in Architecture (1956), and professor (1956). After graduating from the Institute of Civil Engineering (1931) he was accepted to the post-graduate

Krasnenkaya, river

KRASNENKAYA, a river in the south-west of St. Petersburg, flowing through Avtovo District and Yugo-Zapad District. The name of the river dates back to 1773, when it was known as Krasnaya Rechka

Startsev V.I. (1931-2000), Historian

STARTSEV Vitaly Ivanovich (1931, Leningrad - 2000, St. Petersburg) historian, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education (1992), Ph.D. in History (1973)