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Addresses / Primorsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Bolshaya Nevka

BOLSHAYA NEVKA, the extreme right branch of the Neva River delta, which flows off the main channel 500 metres below the Liteiny Bridge. It separates Vyborgskaya Side from Petrogradskaya Side and flows into the Neva Bay below the Spit of Elagin

Elagin Bridges

ELAGIN BRIDGES, three bridges on the Elagin Island, with a spanning structure consisting of metal girders resting on concrete abutments and timber metal trestle piers

Guryev O.I. (1912-1986), architect.

GURYEV Oleg Ivanovich (1912, St. Petersburg - 1986, Leningrad), architect, artist. Upon graduating from the Leningrad Engineering and Urban Planning Institute (1935) he worked in the Lenproject Institute, in 1943-60, was in charge of a workshop

Manufactured Mineral Water House

MANUFACTURED MINERAL WATER HOUSE, founded in 1834 in Novaya Derevnya (Primorsky Avenue, former Novoderevenskaya Embankment) as a medical institution containing mineral waters from 30 springs (house physician Y.F. Arnzte)

Novaya Derevnya

NOVAYA DEREVNYA, a historical district in the north-west of St. Petersburg, on the right bank of the Bolshaya Nevka River, in the west it borders on Staraya Derevnya, in the east it is confined by the Chernaya Rechka River

Primorsky Avenue

PRIMORSKY AVENUE, between Akademika Krylova Street and Savushkina Street, goes along the right bank of the Neva River, through Staraya Derevnya and Novaya Derevnya to Lake Lakhtinsky Razliv, extends Ushakovskaya Embankment

Primorsky District

PRIMORSKY DISTRICT, an administrative and territorial unit of St. Petersburg, with its administration located at 83 Savushkina Street. Formed in 1936, known as Zhdanovsky District in 1949-89, and existing in its present day boundaries since 1973

Rhodes Villa Restaurant

RHODES VILLA. A country restaurant opened in 1908 by entrepreneur A.S. Rhodes at the corner of Novoderevenskaya Embankment and Stroganovskaya Street (today Primorsky Avenue and Akad

Three Hundred Anniversary of St. Petersburg Memorial Park

THREE HUNDRED ANNIVERSARY OF ST. PETERSBURG MEMORIAL PARK was laid out in the 1990s in the north-western outskirts of St. Petersburg, in the western part of Staraya Derevnya