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The subject index / Yuzhnoe Cemetery

Yuzhnoe Cemetery

Categories / City Services/Cemeteries (see also Architecture and Urban Planning)
Categories / Architecture/Cemeteries (see also Municipal Economy)

YUZHNOE CEMETERY (Volkhonskoe Freeway, suburb area). The largest functioning St. Petersburg cemetery. Its area covers 278 hectares. The cemetery was opened in 1971. The Yuzhnoe Cemetery is outside city limits and can be expanded. The cemetery has a regulated architectural plan where burial sites can be reached via the main roads, which separate the lots. Among those buried at the Yuzhnoe Cemetery are Heroes of the Soviet Union M.P. Vasilyev, N.I. Brozgol, V.P. Gumalenko, and F.A. Kharitonov. At present, most St. Petersburg residents from various districts are buried at the Yuzhnoe Cemetery. The cemetery's remoteness causes problems for visitors on days of common remembrance, such as Saturday of Remembrance of the Departed Parents, and Radonitsa (commemoration of the dead, the Day of Rejoicing). There is a bus service to the Yuzhnoe Cemetery from the Moskovskaya metro station.

Y. M. Piryutko.

Brozgol Nikolay Izrailevich
Gumanenko Vladimir Polikarpovich
Kharitonov Fedor Alexeevich
Vasilyev M.P.

Volkhonskoe Freeway/Saint Petersburg, city

Balyberdin V.S., (1949-1994), mountaineer

BALYBERDIN VLADIMIR SERGEEVICH (1949-1994), mountaineer, Merited Master of Sports of the USSR (1982). He was the first Russian mountaineer to climb Mount Everest (3-9.5.1982), a К-2 peak (Pakistan)

Butusov Brothers, football players

BUTUSOV BROTHERS, football players. Vasily Pavlovich Butusov (1892-1971), started playing football in 1906 for the team of the 2nd Real School; in 1911-1922 played for UNITAS club; he was the centre forward (voted the nation's best before 1917)

Cemeteries (entry)

CEMETERIES. Even before the foundation of St. Petersburg there were several necropolises on the location of the future city: the records of the beginning of the 18th century indicate a Finnish-Swedish cemetery at Elagin (Aptekarsky) Island

Moskovsky District

MOSKOVSKY DISTRICT is an administrative territorial unit of St. Petersburg. (Its territory administration is located at 129 Moskovsky Avenue) It was founded in 1919, and its present-day borders were established in 1965

Zazersky N.A. (1907-1980), architect

ZAZERSKY Nikolay Alexeevich (1907, St. Petersburg - 1980, Leningrad), architect, artist. Son of A.I. Zazersky. Graduated from the Forestry Engineering-Building Academy (1937)