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The subject index / Shuvalovskoe Cemetery

Shuvalovskoe Cemetery

Categories / Architecture/Cemeteries (see also Municipal Economy)
Categories / City Services/Cemeteries (see also Architecture and Urban Planning)

SHUVALOVSKOE CEMETERY (106a Vyborgskoe Freeway). Situated in the northern part of St. Petersburg, on the east bank of Nizhnee Suzdalskoe Lake, in the Shuvalovo District. The cemetery was set up in the mid-18th century; its present-day area covers 5 hectares. Notable figures buried there include China Studies scholar V.M. Alexeev, Tibetan medicine specialist P.A. Badmaev, linguist V.I. Chernyshev, football player M.P. Butusov, captain of the Soviet icebreaker fleet V.I. Voronin, literary theorist V.A. Desnitsky, chemist, historian and art critic V.Y. Kurbatov, sculptor V.V. Lishev, architect I.A. Monighetti, Eastern Studies scholar F.I. Saruff, singer N.K. Pechkovsky, soil scientist K.D. Glinka, chemist A.E. Poray-Koshits, geologist V.P. Nekhoroshev, other figures from science, academy, and culture, as well as Heroes of the Soviet Union P.A. Markutsa, N.A. Zelenev, V.V. Khrustitsky, A.N. Sidorovich. There are also common graves of soldiers fallen in the Great Patriotic War at the Shuvalovskoe Cemetery. The Holy Face Church in Pargolovo was built within the cemetery's grounds in 1880, and the St. Alexander Nevsky Church was built in 1886 (both were built by civil engineer K.A. Kuzmin).

Reference: Богданов И. А. Шуваловское кладбище // Исторические кладбища Петербурга: Справ.-путеводитель. СПб., 1993. С. 480-486.

I. A. Bogdanov.

Alexeev Vasily Mikhailovich
Badmaev Peter Alexandrovich (Zhamsaran)
Butusov Mikhail Pavlovich
Chernyshev Vasily Ilyich
Desnitsky Vasily Alexandrovich
Glinka Konstantin Dmitrievich
Khrustitsky Vladislav Vladislavovich
Kurbatov Vladimir Yakovlevich
Kuzmin Konstantin Alexeevich
Lishev Vsevolod Vsevolodovich
Markutsa Pavel Andreevich
Monighetti Ippolito Antonovich
Nekhoroshev Vasily Petrovich
Pechkovsky Nikolay Konstantinovich
Poray-Koshits Alexander Evgenievich
Saruff (Sarruf) Fadalla Ivanovich
Sidorovich Alexander Nikolaevich
Voronin Vladimir Ivanovich
Zelenov Nikolay Andreevich

Vyborgskoe Freeway/Saint Petersburg, city, house 106, litera л. А

Богданов И. А. Шуваловское кладбище // Исторические кладбища Петербурга: Справ.-путеводитель. СПб., 1993

Alexeev V.M., (1881-1951), orientalist, member of the Academy of Sciences

ALEXEEV Vasily Mikhailovich (1881, St. Petersburg - 1951, Leningrad), orientalist, sinologist, Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1929). Graduated from the Oriental Languages Faculty of Petersburg University in 1902

Butusov Brothers, football players

BUTUSOV BROTHERS, football players. Vasily Pavlovich Butusov (1892-1971), started playing football in 1906 for the team of the 2nd Real School; in 1911-1922 played for UNITAS club; he was the centre forward (voted the nation's best before 1917)

Kurbatov V.Y., (1878-1957), Chemist, Regional Ethnographer

KURBATOV Vladimir Yakovlevich (1878, St. Petersburg - 1957, Leningrad) chemist, art historian, regional ethnographer. Upon graduating from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the St

Monighetti I.A. (1819-1878), architect

MONIGHETTI Ippolit Antonovich (1819-1878, St. Petersburg), architect, aquarellist, teacher, associate academy member (1847), professor (1858), court architect (1860)


SHUVALOVO, a locality in the northern part of Saint Petersburg along the banks of Lake Bolshoe (Nizhnee) Suzdalskoe. Shuvalovo is bounded by the Vyborgskoe Highway on the east, adjoining Pargolovo on the north, and Ozerki on the south