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Samsonovsky Canal

SAMSONOVSKY CANAL (Samsonovsky Pipeline), an artificial hydraulic construction, a part of the water supply system of Peterhof fountains and ponds. It starts from Bolshoy Krugly Pond of Meadow (Lake) Park and ends in Colonists Park by Olgin Pond

San Galli F. K. (1824-1908), entrepreneur

SAN GALLI Franz Karlovich (Franz Friedrich Wilhelm) (1824-1908, St. Petersburg), entrepreneur and public figure, Actual Civil Counsellor (1889), and honorary process engineer (1888). Native of Germany, he graduated from a gymnasium in Stettin

Sanin А.А. (1869-1956), actor, director

SANIN (born Shenberg) Alexander Akimovich (1869-1956), actor and director. He graduated from Moscow University with a major in history and philosophy in 1895. He worked as an actor and director in the Society of Art and Literature from 1888 and at

Sankt Peterburgskie Vedomosti (St. Petersburg Gazette), newspaper

SANKT PETERBURGSKIE VEDOMOSTI (The St. Petersburg Gazette) (in 1914-17 Petrogradskie Vedomosti), one of the oldest Russian newspapers, appearing since April 1728 in the Petersburg Academy of Sciences Press in Russian and German languages

Saperny Lane

SAPERNY LANE, between Mayakovskogo Street and Radishcheva Street. From the late 18th century, the road was known as Second Grafsky Lane, in the early 19th century - Kuznechny Lane

Saperny, settlement

SAPERNY, a municipal formation within the Kolpinsky District, far and southeast of Saint Petersburg, between the Neva River and the Saint Petersburg - Volkhovstroy railway line; also a railway station

Sapper Life Guards Battalion

SAPPER LIFE GUARDS BATTALION, engineer guards sub-division, formed in 1812 of officers and low ranks of engineer troops, excelled in the Patriotic War of 1812. Participated in the wars with France in 1813-14

Sarti G. (1729-1802), composer

SARTI Giuseppe (1729-1802), Italian composer, bandmaster, teacher. Managed the Court Capella in Copenhagen from 1768 to 1775, then, from 1779 to 1784 held the office of bandmaster at the San Marco Cathedral in Venice

Satirikon, journal

SATIRIKON, a daily satiric journal, published in 1908-14, with the editorial office located at 9 Nevsky Prospect. It succeeded the Strekoza journal. Published by М. G. Kornfeld, its editors were at various times: А. А. Radakov to А. Т. Averchenko, P

Savina M.G., (1854-1915), actress

SAVINA Maria Gavrilovna (nee Podramentseva, Slavich from her first marriage in 1870, Vsevolozhskaya from her second marriage in 1882, Molchanova from her third marriage in 1910; originally carried the stage name Stremlyanova

Savings Banks (entry)

SAVINGS BANKS, credit institutions attracting savings and idle funds from the public as their major function. It was on the initiative of Count M. Y. Vielgorsky and I. D. Chertkov that the articles of the first savings bank were worked out

Sazonov N.F. (1843-1902), actor

SAZONOV Nikolay Fedorovich (1843, St. Petersburg - 1902, the same place), actor. He started appearing on stage in the country under the name of Shuvalov. After graduating from the Theatre College in 1863

Schaub V.V., (1861-1934), architect.

SCHAUB Vasily Vasilyevich (1861, St. Petersburg - 1934, Leningrad), architect, Member of the Academy of Architecture (1892). Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (1885). He was an architect for insurance societies and charitable institutions

Schedrovsky I. S., (1815-1870/71), artist

SCHEDROVSKY Ignaty Stepanovich (1815-1870), graphic artist and painter. He settled in St. Petersburg in 1833 and the same year he started to attend the Academy of Arts, studying there until 1836 as an irregular student

Scherbov P.E., (1866-1938), artist

SCHERBOV Pavel Egorovich (1866, St. Petersburg - 1938, Gatchina), graphic caricaturist. He studied at the Academy of Arts in 1885-1886. His sharply satirical drawings and water-colours portray the literary and artistic life of St

Schilling P.L., (1786-1837), physicist and orientalist

SCHILLING Pavel Lvovich (1786-1837, St. Petersburg), an electrical engineer and orientalist, corresponding member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences in Oriental Literature and Antiquities from 1827

Schliemann H., (1822-1890), Archaeologist

SCHLIEMANN Heinrich (1822-1890), German and Russian businessman and amateur archaeologist. In January 1846, he arrived in St. Petersburg as a representative of a Dutch company


SCHLOTBURG is the name given by Peter the Great to the captured Nyenschantz (the name was never taken on); in 1703-04, it was sometimes used as the name for all the settlements and construction sites down from it along the Neva (including St

Schluter A., (1659-1714), architect

SCHLUTER Andreas (1659-1714, St. Petersburg), sculptor, architect, designer. Studied and worked in Berlin, later in Warsaw. In 1713, by invitation of Peter the Great, came to St

Schmidt K.K., (1866-1945), architect

SCHMIDT Karl Karlovich (1866 - 1945, St. Petersburg), architect, associate academy member of architecture (1906). Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (1893). From 1896 worked in the Ministry of Justice. Built the brick-style mansion of V.V

Schreter V. A. , (1839-1901), architect

SCHRETER Viktor Alexandrovich (1839-1901), architect, lecturer, representative of the transitional rationalistic style from Eclecticism to Art Nouveau. In 1856-58, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in the class of L.L

Schreter's Houses

Schreter's Houses (Nos.112 and 114 Moika River Embankment), monuments of architecture; private mansion and apartment building belonging to architect V.A. Schreter and built to his design on neighbouring lots separated from one another by a yard

Schuchye Lake (Komarovo)

SCHUCHIYE LAKE is located in Korelian Isthmus among moraine hills, 3 km to the north of Komarovo village. It is 1.1 km long, about 0.6 km wide and over 5 meters deep. This recreation zone has a lot of health and holiday centres

Schwarz E.L.(1896-1858), playwright

SCHWARZ Evgeny Lvovich (1896-1958, Leningrad), playwright and prose writer. He studied at the Faculty of Law of Moscow University in 1914-16, although he did not graduate

Science, publishing house

SCIENCE (1 Mendeleevskaya Line), a publishing company, and a department of the Academic Publishing Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The publishing house dates back to the Publishing House of the Academy of Sciences established in Petrograd

Scientific and Technical Archives of St. Petersburg

SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL ARCHIVES OF SAINT PETERSBURG, Central State Scientific and Technical Archives situated at 33 Fifth Sovetskaya Street. They were founded in 1972 based on the scientific and technical department of the Leningrad State Archives

Scientific Society of Historians and Archivists

SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY OF HISTORIANS AND ARCHIVISTS, St. Petersburg, situated at 4 Angliiskaya Embankment. Founded in 1995, the society is included in the Russian Society of Historians and Archive Keepers as a regional organisation. President L. E

Scientific Society of Marxists

SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY OF MARXISTS, founded in 1919 by a group of professors and teachers of the Workers' Faculty of Petrograd University including E. A. Engel, M. A. Silvin, N. A. Rozhkov, and M. V

Scotti D.B., (1776 -1830), artist

SCOTTI Giovanni Batista (Ivan Karlovich) (1776-1830, St. Petersburg), master of monumental decorative Classical painting. Studied under his father, Karl Scotti, a native of northern Italy, with whom he worked from 1786 until the 19th century

Sea Passenger Terminal

SEA PASSENGER TERMINAL (located at 1 Morskoy Slavy Sq.), is a closed joint-stock holding company, dealing with freight and passenger transportation between St. Petersburg and Germany, travel services and hotel business

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